If you look up “Chutzpah” in the Dictionary …

gerson.jpg… you’ll see this picture (Bush ex-speechwriter, Michael Gerson) and a copy of this unbelievable Post column: “Hope on climate change? Here’s why.” Without a trace of irony, Gerson writes that we should be hopeful on climate change because a simple policy, a “cap-and-trade system,” could solve the problem.

I’d normally say, “Duh!” but Gerson seems blissfully unaware that his old boss actually campaigned in 2000 on a carbon cap-and-trade for utilities, and then not only reneged on that promise shortly after taking office, but then repeatedly opposed such a system in this country — and worked tirelessly behind-the-scenes to block other countries from developing a new post-Kyoto cap-and-trade system.

The blogosphere is already rife with take-downs of this laughable piece (see here and here). But if you really want to see Gerson taken down, get this month’s Atlantic Monthly (subs. req’d so try this), where Gerson is trashed by a fellow Bush speechwriter as a petty, self-aggrandizing credit-stealer.

Jeers to the Washington Post for giving Gerson that rarest of platforms — a regular column on the Op-Ed page.

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