Jack Bauer, James Bond, and Jason Bourne

bourne.jpgbond.jpgbauer.jpgUnstoppable government agents with a talent for killing all seem to have the initials J.B. But do they care about global warming? Jack does.

Fox TV has announced that the seventh season of 24, which starts in 2008, “will incorporate environmentally-friendly messages into episodes.” I’m thinking Bauer will torture the bad guys with electricity from wind power or run over someone in a Prius.

Also “executives have taken several steps toward reducing carbon emissions on the set with the goal of a fully ‘carbon-neutral’ season finale.” Yes, I suppose that means Fox will be buying offsets (hopefully not trees). What other steps will they be taking?

Fox’s efforts will include substituting biodiesel for some of the diesel used to power generators, purchasing all of its energy from renewable power sources, integrating hybrid cars into its production fleet, and posting resources on the Web for viewers to learn how to reduce their own carbon use….

Kiefer Sutherland, who portrays Bauer, has also recorded a public service announcement on the effects of global climate change, and similar spots including other cast members are in the works.

I do wonder whether this will turn off some of the biggest fans of the show, which has become a darling of conservatives.

What of James Bond? Well, during the first energy crisis, Roger Moore fought to make the world safe for solar energy by pursuing the “Solex Agitator — a device which can harness the power of the sun,” in the The Man with the Golden Gun (yes, I know I have a picture of Daniel Craig — who beats Moore in my book [though not Connery] with his gritty Casino Royale performance, in which Bond is far more human and ambivalent about killing, just as Fleming portrayed him in the books). Given our current energy woes, now would be a very good time for a remake

I just saw the latest Bourne movie — and it is terrific. The Bourne Ultimatum makes clear that killing even very bad guys takes an emotional toll. Nothing green about the movie, but the star, Matt Damon, is certainly going green.

Damon is part of Project Phin, a campaign aimed at promoting vehicle fuel efficiency and alternative fuel vehicles. Disclosure: Project Phin is a Center For American Progress Action Fund project, as is Climate Progress — which is close as I’ll ever get being connected to Damon or any of the other J.B.’s.

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