GM may make 60,000 plug-in hybrids in 2010


Is the Chevy Volt more than GM Greenwashing? Can GM beat Toyota in the race for the car of the future? A Bloomberg news report suggests the answer to both questions is “maybe”:

General Motors Corp. may build as many as 60,000 of its Volt electric cars for their inaugural year on the market, four times the sales of Toyota Motor Corp.’s hybrid Prius in its U.S. debut, people with knowledge of GM’s plans said.

Production at that level may allow GM to sell the plug-in Volt for less than $30,000….

You’ll see plenty of skeptical quotes in the article, but I think its pretty impressive the company has leaked such projections at all — they’re opening themselves up to a lot of disappointment and finger-pointing if they don’t deliver.

10 Responses to GM may make 60,000 plug-in hybrids in 2010

  1. jcwinnie says:

    Dang, so that is why it has held up going to those various auto shows, it’s actually made of something other than carboard.

  2. hippygeerl93 says:

    Thats the kind of car I want to get when i turn 16! I am very green-minded. That car is way coool!!We saw watched Inconveneint Truth at my school last week and i almost cried abiout the polar bears. Al Gore is such a beautiful and very smart, and concerned man I hope he could be president next time. My mom says she would vote for him but my dad doesnt like him, he says Al Gore is just a politician, whatever that means!??? But my dad lives in Idaho and dosnt beleive in global warming but I know lots of acnedotal evidence like my cousin could nt even go ice skating last winter in Michigan, like she usually does. and all the record temperatures. My science teacher says its already too late and that makes me hard to sleep at night I’m so worried sometimes but I hope we can chnage the climate back to what it is supposed to be.

  3. wattgehtab says:

    The statement about the sales volume in the first year is a little premature. GM still must take some hurdles in the development and in the series production of the volt. I find it to want to compete in this area before at all the first vehicle rolls in the street with Toyota already boldly. Toyota has an enormous projection particularly in the series production of hybrid vehicles.

  4. Joe says:

    Yes, 60,000 seems high and premature — but the fact that they are floating the number is impressive by itself. It strongly suggest they think they have sold the battery problem or are very close.

  5. Tony McCann says:

    If you assume that the electricity used to charge the car came from a coal burning power plant, how does this car’s carbon footprint compare to a conventional gas powered car?

  6. Michael meyers says:

    If GM thins that they could win this battle why is it that is taking so long when their stocks are going down and more people are loosing their job. HEY but this is America the land of confusion GET A GRIP GM you’ll never beat Toyota.
    PS: GM could but it never will.

  7. Ashley says:

    Not all electricity comes from coal burning plants. There are a lot of power plants that get electricity from hydro, wave, wind turbines, solar panels, nuclear, etc., etc. Some use a combination of different things and some people are completely off the grid; they would power their plug-in vehicles with the electricity they generate by themselves. People seem to think that these new things/solutions should be all or nothing, that either the world continues on it’s current petro-path or we come up with a miracle that produces energy from nothing and doesn’t emit any kind of pollutant. The fact is that you are breathing out pollutants right now, there is no such thing as pollutant-free. And as for an alternative fuel, no one thing will completely replace petroleum for its energy return ratio. So maybe we need to be looking to the lesser evil just to help get the ball rolling. Do some research about where your electricity comes from; you can do some math to figure out the pollutants produced to make one unit of power and then figure out how many units your potentiall plug-in will draw. Electric cars are not going to be perfect but its a great start.

  8. bruce says:

    I think, GM is trying hard to compete with others. I think
    doing something is better than nothing. Volt looks good,
    and I will buy one just to help the economy. Hopefully
    they will built Volt to last long long time. Lets go Green,
    help the air polution/. GO GM built it to last. You can do it.
    we have faith in you.

    bruce from arlington texas

  9. Dave says:

    For all you Toyota people they are not really the green world saving people you think they are, you have only skinned the surface.
    They have openly told some media they are ok with whaling even tough some wahles they hunt are getting close to the end.
    American cars will beat Japanese cars verytime we gave them all their tech after ww2. read some history books people, they had open waste drains in their country, we sent 1000s of our engineers over there to show them how to live like humans. They treat their people like expendable items, so their companys can make bigger profits no humanity there.
    There cars have had their share of problems. Stop believing what you hear and read some facts. Buy from American car companys help our economy, be an American.