Climate News Roundup

Global Warming’s Next Victim: WheatTime Europe. “… the temperature increase that occurred between 1981 and 2002 reduced major cereal crop yields by an annual average of 40 million metric tons — losses worth $5 billion a year. Those losses are sobering, but nothing compared to what might be in store: A recent study sponsored by the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research forecast a 51% decline in India’s wheat-growing land, potentially leaving hundreds of millions hungry.”

Electric Cars 2.0Technology Review. A good article on plug-in hybrids.

Big Oil Firms Talk Up Carbon Capture, But Do Little – Reuters. Res ipsa loquitur.

GAO Chides Government on WarmingWashington Post. “Since 1850, the glaciers in Glacier National Park have declined from 150 to 26; climate-triggered coral bleaching in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary is eroding the area’s tourist appeal.” Yet the people “overseeing these 600 million acres of land and 150,000 square miles of protected waters have little direction on how to respond to these shifts, according to the report.” The report states managers “have limited guidance about whether or how to address climate change and therefore, are uncertain about what action, if any, they should take. . . . Without such guidance, their ability to address climate change and effectively manage resources is constrained.”

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