Climate News Roundup

New energy agency chief sees household energy use rising in industrial countriesInternational Herald Tribune. “Despite the growing political commitment to tackling global warming, individual energy use and carbon emissions in the leading industrial countries have actually increased in recent years,” according to Nobuo Tanaka, the first non-European chosen to lead the International Energy Agency. He added that “Europe, Canada, Australia and particularly the United States had to do much more to increase energy efficiency if they wanted to have any credibility when calling on India and China to act.”

Move to identify climate change security hotspots – The Guardian. “The MoD [Ministry of Defence] has identified climate change as a key strategic factor affecting societal stresses and the responses of communities and nations to those stresses. We have a pressing need for the best available advice on future climate change and, based on these predictions, assessments of the impacts of those changes on human societies at the regional and local scale,” said Roy Anderson, the MoD’s chief scientific adviser.

New report: Global warming impact like “nuclear war” – report – Reuters. “The International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) security think-tank said global warming would hit crop yields and water availability everywhere, causing great human suffering and leading to regional strife.”

One Response to Climate News Roundup

  1. Earl Killian says:

    On the IHT story, I wonder if this isn’t a different sort of feedback story: global warming increases electricity use (for AC) which increases greenhouse gas emissions, which… With 1.9 gigatonnes of CO2 emissions per year from coal electricity alone in the U.S., growth in electricity use is a serious issue.

    Here is another news story that belongs in the roundup, IMO:
    The hand-sitters used to always say we needed more research. Now they are cutting even that (since it seems to be delivering too strong a message?).