Top 10 Signs your Climate Summit is Just a PR Stunt

bush-dumb.jpgThe President has a two-day summit of the major greenhouse gas polluters this week. It will no doubt be full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. What are the top 10 clues?

10. Dinner Entree: Grilled Polar Bear.

9. Transportation is by stretch Hummer.

8. The air conditioning is set to 60 degrees.

7. The corporate sponsor is ExxonMobil.

6. The only celebrity you can get is Carrot Top.

5. The summit note-takers are Michael Crichton and Bj¸rn Lomborg.

4. The gift bags are filled with coal.

3. The after dinner toasts are made with corn ethanol.

2. It’s hosted by George Bush Dick Cheney.

1. The Summit hasn’t even started and you’ve already rejected the key solution — mandatory emissions controls. OK, that’s not funny — is it?

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