The Deniers are winning the war of words

An Inconvenient Truth is so last year! Al Gore’s book may have been #1 in 2006, but the global warming deniers and delayers are outselling everyone this year.

Of course, Bj¸rn Lomborg’s collection of cherry-picked misinformation, Cool It, is the top-selling book in four categories: Climatology, Climate Changes, Public Policy, and even Conservation.

But who knew that the top book in both Meteorology and Weather was the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s The Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming (and Environmentalism) — a book whose title would be accurate if only the word “Politically” were removed?

And the #2 book in both Climate Changes and Weather is coauthored by world-class denier Fred SingerUnstoppable Global Warming: Every 1,500 Years. Sounds like disaster movie dialogue: “It’s unstoppable, I tell, you, unstoppable.”

And the #4 book in Climate Changes (as of today) is a delightful piece of long-discredited disinformation, The Chilling Stars: The New Theory of Climate Change: “The authors explain their theory that sub-atomic particles from exploded stars have more effect on the climate than manmade CO2.” Not.

And let’s not forget the #1 book in the land — by champion delayer Alan Greenspan — The Age of Turbulence.

I guess I should have gone contrarian, maybe titled my book: Global Warming: A New Heaven on Earth.

9 Responses to The Deniers are winning the war of words

  1. IANVS says:



  2. IANVS says:


    Once the Head Denier retires, the real work begins.

    Keep on chuggin’!

  3. Reality is increasingly rearing its ugly head. The deniers are not going to have answers to ever hotter years. Nor will they have an effective response as sea level begins to rise. Both are in the offing, and far quicker than anyone would like to see.

  4. Dano says:

    What Charles said.

    The key is that most of these denialists’ rhetoric doesn’t have good access to power. The well-educated folk that are the staffers have already briefed their electeds/appointeds on the issues.

    Trouble is, there is nobody to brief their electeds/appointeds on political will and leadership.



  5. Will Tewpauer says:

    The real key is that big business is thoroughly on our side. Once you’ve got BP, GE, Chevron, and DuPont putting their chips down on the side of curbing GHGs, it’s only a matter of time before their lobbying teams make carbon restraint dreams into reality.

  6. Ronald says:

    Well, who is on the global warming is carbon dioxide and other insulating gases caused and we have to do something about it.

    How many colleges are there in the US? 1000 of any size? What do these people think? What are the polls? What are the groups that can do anything? Have they been targeted for helping? Is what we have now speaking out about this all that’s going to come on board?

    What percent of the professers in Engineering think it’s a problem?
    Professers in physics?
    CEO’s of fossil fuel companies?
    What about college graduates in general?

    Is there any area in pubic life that the global warming is a problem advocates have a comparative advantage?

    Are we doing enough for this cause and who can we get to do more? Is this all there is?

    Don’t have to answer all that. I just don’t see why more isn’t being done.

  7. Paul K says:

    Skepticism of the catastrophic predictions made by climatologists and others doesn’t necessarily rest on rejecting a role for CO2 in the observed warming. Some of the predictions are for the next ten to twenty years, so we’ll begin to be able to evaluate the quality of the really rather recently developed climate models.

  8. Paul, don’t look mow, but we don’t have ten to twenty years. Skepticism is not motivated by rational considerations. Well paid Canadian skeptics Tim Ball recently remarked that if the world is warming, than Canada would benefit. He frequently denies the if, so we have to ask him which is it. The skeptics will be at hand to deny the obvious, as long as money is being handed out for there services. A significant majority of Americans now accept anthropogenic global warming. A somewhat smaller majority is ready to do something about it. The biggest problem now is the utterly wacked out anti-nuclear Greens who are just as insane as the global warming skeptics. They are doing their best to prevent the acceptance of practical solutions to global warming.

  9. Olin C. says:

    Dear Will,

    I pray you’re right.