Anjelina Jolie and Jane Goodall are in the Building!

angelina-jolie-ap.jpgMy wife insisted that I go to the Angelina Jolie press conference — even though AJ was focused on educating one million children affected by conflict, and not global warming. Fortunately, CGI had a wireless feed from all the working sessions, so I was able to get all the camera phone pix of AJ while I didn’t miss the woman I really wanted to hear, Jane Goodall.

I will say this for AJ — she is very serious about her work with refugees. And even with two hundred press crammed into this room for her, and photographers literally crawling over each other for photos — especially whenever she brushed her hair back — she very graciously brought many of the country experts into the Q&A.

goodall_01.jpgJane Goodall was full of quiet passion, as always. If anyone is a “must hear,” she is (here she is speaking at Google). She has devoted her name and her sober wisdom to Forests Now, whose declaration is “Forests Now in the Fight against Climate Change.”

Jane spoke with great eloquence about global warming and the need to save our tropical forests, not just because of the carbon they contain, but also the biodiversity–“I want children to hear the wonderful voice of chimpanzees” and then she imitated the call of her beloved primate. She pointed out that “orangutans, one of our closest living relatives, are hanging by a thread.” She poignantly quoted a native of the Arctic:

“Every day we in the north see what you in the south are doing to the Earth. We have seen what it takes to melt the Arctic ice. What will it take to melt the ice in the human heart?

She warned about the dangers posed by biofuels, a point Climate Progress has made many times: “We already have examples in the developing world where biofuels could spell the end of tropical forests.”

She warned, “We have reached a point in time that if we don’t act now … it will be too late. Global warming is real.”

Kudos to this great lady for her tireless work on behalf of all primates, indeed, all species, including the one whose short-sightedness threatens them all.

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  1. David B. Benson says:

    There are good ways to produce biofuels and not-so-good ways. Irrespective of that, coalfield fires in Indonesia are an under-recognized hazard for orangutans in the nature preserves which have been set-aside:

    and nothing, it seems, is being done to put extinguish these:

  2. Mihaela says:

    Angelina is amazing! I have been following her work since she became the UN ambassador, she is serious indeed and very modest and clear about her role as her last interview in Spiegel indicated. I think the UN is underutilizing celebrities in the field of sustainable development, Jay Z and water being an exception. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt would be a great couple for a well organized climate change campaign – she could talk about climate refugees and he about sustainability.

  3. I Wonder What Galileo Is Doing Tonight……..

    I find it irresistible not to at least take a moment to wonder aloud what Galileo is doing tonight. My hope would be that the great man is resting in peace and that his head is not spinning in his grave. How, now, can Galileo possibly find peace when so many top-rank scientists refuse to speak out clearly regarding whatsoever they believe to be true about the distinctly human predicament presented to humanity in our time by certain unbridled “overgrowth” activities of the human species that loom ominously and threaten to engulf the planetary home God has blessed us to inhabit?

    Where are more leaders like Dame Jane Goodall who are willing to support the good science of human population dynamics and climate change that is being presented in the solid scientific observations and consensually validated empirical data?

    Perhaps there is something in the great work of Dr. Goodall that will give Galileo a moment of peace.

    What would the world we inhabit be like if scientists like Galileo had adopted a code of silence or selectively mined data or manufactured controversy or passed along disinformation….. or had logically contrived ’scientific’ evidence which was politically convenient, religiously tolerated, economically expedient, and socially correct?

    Steven Earl Salmony, Ph.D., M.P.A.
    AWAREness Campaign on The Human Population

  4. If we keep overpopulating Earth; if we keep conspicuously overconsuming limited resources; and if we keep endlessly expanding big-business activities and polluting the relatively small, evidently finite, noticeably frangible planet as we keep doing now, then a good enough future for our children cannot be assured, can it?

  5. Even though scientists generally agree that time is of the essence, they are also acknowledging that time is being wasted by many too many of our leaders, who are willing to “think globally” occasionally, but everywhere “delay nationally” and “repose locally.”

    Has anyone in Bali seen a correspondent from CBS, NBC or ABC News Networks? I can find no nationwide coverage of the Climate Change Conference in the USA by these ‘big 3’ national television corporations.

    Is this failure to respond ably on the part of big-business/mass media a commonplace example of its conspicious refusal to accept responsibilities and perform duties? Is such behavior symptomatic of an incredibly significant problem for the human community? At least to me, this behavior appears to be a particularly pernicious form of willful avoidance and perpetrated silence.


    The current scale and rapid growth rate of the global economy cannot be sustained much longer, much less forever, on a planet with the size and make-up of Earth. Many intellectually honest and courageous people possess this knowledge of Earth’s limitations, and are standing up in larger numbers now and speaking out loudly so as to share their understandings with others.

    Given the purposes of too many leaders, of course, speaking out in intellectually honest and courageous ways are not examples of human behavior that support these leaders’ pervasively proclaimed view: only we know how to live. Afterall, have you ever heard one of these not-so-great leaders say something like, “Our way of life is non-negotiable. There is no other. It is either our way of life or else…….”?

    These leaders hold a monolithic, potentially pernicious view of the way the world works and, consequently, may present themselves in our time as a formidable challenge for humanity. The global challenge presented to humankind by this leadership could be every bit as formidable a global challenge as human-induced global warming.

    Here we want to objectively identify an overlooked but primary aspect of the distinctly human-forced predicament that is presented to humanity in these early years of Century XXI. I would like to submit that too many leaders among us, all espousing their insistence upon their one right way to live, present themselves to humanity and to life as we know it as a global challenge.

    Through ‘talking heads’ in the media and bought-and-paid-for politicians, super-rich powerbrokers have predominantly established their view about this world and what about it is most important to them. Can they say what they intend more clearly? What more can they say to be better understood? They report their message ubiquitously in the mass media.

    These leaders are making themselves crystal clear. They are all about endless economic growth, come what may. For any of them to so much as suggest an alternative to maximal expansion of human consumption, production and propagation activities now threatening to engulf the Earth, would be politically inconvenient, economically inexpedient, socially disagreeable and religiously intolerable.

    Nevertheless, it appears worth noting that their “24/7″ message via mass media endorsing unrelenting economic globalization could soon be generally recognized as a scientifically unsupportable fabrication. Their contrived, consensually validated ‘necessity’ for unbridled economic growth could be eventually seen as fraudent as well as an willful exercise of governmental and corporate malfeasence, all of it based upon the selfish interests of a tiny minority of wealthy and powerful people.

    These wealth accumulating and power-driven leaders and their not negotiable view of the right way for all human beings to live, I am supposing, will shortly stand out as an ominously looming threat to humanity. One day this threat will be given the attention it deserves. Sometime thereafter, this threat will be acknowledged and addressed in an intellectually honest and courageous way. Then the global threat posed by a small number of people advocating evermore patently unsustainable economic growth, come what may, will be confronted by the family of humanity.

    Steven Earl Salmony, Ph.D., M.P.A.
    AWAREness Campaign on The Human Population

  7. A resolute call to action, Mr. Gore.

    If not you, then who?
    If not now, then when?

    The time has come, yet again, for you to run for the US Presidency. Afterall, you won the job once already. This may be the remaining unfinished work of your life.

    The United States was meant to lead the world in our time. Admittedly, things have not gone well recently; however, no other country has the wherewithall to do what is necessary.

    People around the world are looking to the United States for moral leadership, but apparently see our country as a woefully inadequate exemplar today.

    As you put it, since “we have to travel far quickly,” there is not time to waste….no sensible reason for waiting.

    All the current presidential candidates in the USA are not talking about the real issues of our time. You and you alone can “re-center” our national debate on issues like the unsustainability of increasing conspicuous per-human over-consumption of limited resources; the unsustainability of skyrocketing absolute global human population numbers; and the soon to become patently unsustainable, seemingly endless growth of large-scale industrial/corporate activities, now threatening to engulf the surface of the planetary home God has blessed us to inhabit and, I suppose, not to overwhelm.

    How can we help?


    Steve Salmony
    AWAREness Campaign on The Human Population

  8. Ana margarita says:

    wow its so cool to see that a lot of people have HEART.I got into this page beacuse in a book of school talks about JANE GOODALL im going to do what i can to save our planet!!!!

  9. weqdwq says:

    my friend jake thinks u r so cool but also hot