Climate Progress In the Washington Post

The Post has a good article on the DC area’s high emissions, “D.C. Area Outpaces Nations in Pollution: High Carbon Emission Blamed On Coal Plants.” The reporter came to my house and I showed him some of the things I have done to lower my carbon footprint. Here is what he wrote:

The Washington area produces more carbon dioxide than several medium-size European countries, according to a new estimate of local emissions, as the region’s crawling traffic and coal-fired power plants give it a pollution “footprint” out of proportion to its size….

In Woodley Park, environmental blogger Joseph Romm made his own changes, remodeling his home to include energy-saving appliances and an energy-generating solar array on the roof. He works from home most days and drives a hybrid Toyota Prius when he does leave.

“If you have come to the view that global warming is the biggest problem facing this country,” said Romm, who writes about climate change, “then I think you have to do something.”

Too bad he didn’t mention the blog’s name. But at least anyone who googles my name will be able to find this site.

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