Australian Report: The dry will get drier

australia-drought.jpgAustralia has become dry. Horrifically dry. Once in a thousand years dry. A new government report finds:

Australia, the driest inhabited continent in the world, will get even hotter and drier due to climate change triggered mainly by greenhouse gases.

The report by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization and the Bureau of Meteorology titled, “Climate Change in Australia” projects that:

  • decreases in annual average rainfall are likely in southern Australia – rainfall is likely to decrease in southern areas during winter, in southern and eastern areas during spring, and along the west coast during autumn.
  • droughts are likely to become more frequent, particularly in the south-west
  • evaporation rates are likely to increase, particularly in the north and east.
  • high-fire-danger weather is likely to increase in the south-east
  • tropical cyclones are likely to become more intense
  • sea levels will continue to rise.

Let’s hope this is enough to spur them to action. Too bad the Bush administration has, unlawfully, blocked a similar assessment for this country.

2 Responses to Australian Report: The dry will get drier

  1. CL says:

    First, for an summary of a newly-released (and updated) report on changes in bushfire weather in southeast Australia, see this post.

    Second, climate change is becoming a big issue in the upcoming Australian federal elections (rumored to occur at the end of November). This report should serve as a reminder to Australians, and indeed all citizens of the world with the option, to make the environment a priority in the next election. What we do now really makes a difference and we are running out of chances.

  2. Jay Alt says:

    Here’s another article explaining how AU climate change is expected to play out. The lead author discusses why they’re so concerned. Previous droughts tended to be in el Nino years. So, just wait for the change to la Nina and the rain came back. But this 6 year drought seems to be a combination of el Nino plus changes in Walker Circulation:

    And the slowing Walker Circulation pattern is one of the detection-attribution (fingerprint) studies that show global warming is caused by human emitted greenhouse gases: