A New Fleet of Plug-in Hybrid books

Too many clean energy books are being published for me to keep track of. Fortunately the excellent web site,, has reviews of them all, including these four new books touting plug in hybrids (with one-line summary reviews):

  • Apollo’s Fire by Rep. Jay Inslee and Bracken Hendricks (who occasionally blog here): “Apollo’s Fire’s real life stories and optimistic strategies can unify our nation through innovation and public investment to reach prosperity in a sustainable world.”
  • Zoom by Vijay Vaitheeswaran: “Zoom‘s very readable narrative takes the reader from an analysis of why the petroleum age is ending to a picture of all the entrepreneurs, environmentalists and engineers who are bringing future cars to market now — spurred in part by an unprecedented grassroots movement for plug-in hybrids.” [Glad to sees this one time hydrogen car enthusiast I once debated embrace plug ins.]
  • Winning Our Energy Independence by S. David Freeman: “David Freeman’s Winning our Energy Indepence brings four decades of experience to a fearless direct call to abandon the ‘three poisons of coal, nuclear and oil,’ and an inspiring vision of how to replace them with renewable energy sources powering plug-in cars.” [Glad to sees this one time hydrogen car enthusiast I once debated embrace plug ins, too!]
  • Freedom From Oil by David Sandalow: “What could be better than this complete and practical roadmap for the next President on plug-in hybrids and everything else we need to achieve Freedom from Oil?”


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