Climate News Roundup

The Tide Turns for GoreThe Washington Post. Letter to the Editor: “Wouldn’t this be poetic justice? Al Gore wins the Nobel Peace Prize for his work on global warming, and Florida disappears into the Atlantic Ocean.”

Bush: Kyoto approach on climate is “bad policy” – Reuters. “President George W. Bush said on Monday his administration’s approach of emphasizing voluntary approaches to address climate change was working and he denounced Kyoto-style mandatory caps as ‘bad policy.’ ” When Bush doesn’t change his position, it is a dog-bites-man story, but some (deluded) people held out a (very, very, very) faint hope Gore’s Nobel might move the President. As if!

Gray Wall Dims Hopes of ‘Green’ Games: China Has Vowed to Curb Pollution Before ’08 Olympics, but Its Secrecy Is Feeding SkepticismThe Washington Post. Good article on the impending disaster from holding the Summer Olympics in one of the most polluted cities in the world. The Chinese are apparently unable or unwilling to restrain their rapacious growth for even a few weeks to made the air more hospitable for the world’s top athletes.

Va. Tech, Investor Aim To Cut Area Energy UseThe Washington Post. “Virginia Tech officials announced plans yesterday to give some of the Washington area’s buildings a sweeping green makeover, using $500 million from an investor to pay for energy-saving upgrades at 100 or more properties throughout the region.” And you thought I only reported bad news!

3 Responses to Climate News Roundup

  1. Paul K says:

    Perhaps you’ve been too busy jousting with Ron and Dano to notice this story. Big Solar is on the way.

  2. Ronald says:

    I’ve followed Concentrated Solar Power all the way back in 1984 when I had a professor who was in on the first modern ones they built in the 1980’s. To bad there was not enough research money spent on all that stuff, all those years, we could have been as far along as Wind Power or more. I would have liked to work on those things.

    But the temperature is to low from what I could tell. They think they can solve the problems and I hope they can. Maybe they have to combine the cheaper lower temperature systems and the more expensive higher temperature systems to get the higher more efficient operating temperatures. That’s just speculation by me, if they can make it work, good for them.

  3. Joe says:

    Paul — With all the thrilling back and forth, you missed this in an earlier news roundup:

    Solar’s Day In The SunBusinessweek. Good article on the other solar power, one Climate Progress is a big fan of. “It seems there is a pathway to very low-cost concentrating solar power,” says Andrew Kinross at Navigant Consulting Inc. “This opportunity is finally taking hold.” Let’s hope so!

    Good enough?