Shocking climate quiz

You’ll never guess which passionate climate change partisan said this:

Mankind has a record of reacting after a disaster strikes. Dams are built after floods, not before. So far in human history, disasters have not taken place on a global scale. Therefore we don’t really have a tested mechanism for dealing with global threats, such as a long-range, worldwide degradation of the environment. If we ignore the present warning signs and wait for an ecological disaster to strike, it will probably be too late.

The distinguished biologist Garrett Hardin has pointed out how very difficult it is psychologically to really believe that a disaster is impending. “How can one believe in something – particularly an unpleasant something – that has never happened before?” This must have been a terrible problem for Noah. Can’t we just hear his complacent compatriots: “Something has always happened to save us.” or “Don’t worry about the rising waters, Noah; our advanced technology will surely discover a substitute for breathing.” Unfortunately, the Bible doesn’t tell us much about Noah’s psychological trials and tribulations. But if it was wisdom that enabled Noah to believe in the `never-yet-happened,’ we could use some of that wisdom now.

The answer will surprise you–and no cheating with Google!

The author of that quote is famed global warming denier S. Fred Singer. Don’t believe me? Check out Google Book Search.

How times — and positions — change. Singer is now coauthor of Unstoppable Global Warming: Every 1,500 Years.

Several websites (here and here) say Singer also wrote:

“I am persuaded to think that any climate change is bad because of the investments and adaptations that have been made by human beings and all of the things that support human existence upon this globe. Even minor fluctuations of climate could change the distribution of fish, … upset agriculture,…and inundate costal cities…… Such changes could occur at a faster rate perhaps than human society can evolve.”

Ya think?

Tip o’ the hat to John Fleck of Inkstain for finding the first quote.

8 Responses to Shocking climate quiz

  1. Paul K says:

    Very interesting. What made Singer so radically change his view on AGW?

  2. Ron says:

    Why is that some Believers become skeptics after weighing the evidence, but you rarely hear of the reverse?

  3. Funny thing. I recognized my quote of long ago (40 years?) but cannot identify the context. And I would agree with it even today.

    Anyway, since I am convinced that current warming is mostly natural –and not unusual — I don’t see a conflict here.

    The increase in CO2 is not “degrading the environment” Most agree that it is ‘greening” the earth and improving agriculture and forestry

  4. One more thing to Paul and Ron:

    I find the evidence against AGW very convincing — even if the IPCC ignores it.

  5. Joe says:

    Wow! Who knew S.F.S. reads this blog.

    Record wildfires, droughts, floods, however, do not qualify as ‘greening’ the earth and improving agriculture and forestry in my book — or in the book of most scientists.

    Maybe, “browning” the earth.

    As someone once said, “If we ignore the present warning signs and wait for an ecological disaster to strike, it will probably be too late.”

  6. Paul K says:

    It is wonderful that S.F. Singer has replied to your post. Here’s hoping he sees the general politeness and seriousness – except when telling a joke – of your site and becomes a daily reader. It seems he has never believed in AGW. He demonstrates that environmentalism and fear of climate catastrophe are far from congruent.

  7. IANVS says:


    “If we ignore the present warning signs and wait for an ecological disaster to strike, it will probably be too late.”

    “And I would agree with it even today.”

    Can we quote you on that?

  8. Joe says:

    Yes, but he doesn’t think the words apply to global warming. We live on a strange planet!