Update on Warner-Lieberman and Energy Bill

E&E Daily (subs. req’d) reports

The new [Warner-Lieberman] bill includes a 15 percent cut in greenhouse gas emissions in 2020 compared with 2005 levels. A draft circulated in August called for cuts of 10 percent in 2020.

Lieberman and Warner also have agreed to drop the free distribution of pollution credits for manufacturers after 2036 in favor of including the industrial sector in an auction where they must compete with power plants, petroleum refiners and others. Manufacturers under the draft bill would have been given free credits until 2050.

Sounds like improvements to a good bill, whose ultimate goal is an overall cut of 70 percent by mid-century. Still, the environmental community is torn. Environmental Defense likes it, while “Clean Air Watch and U.S. PIRG contend the Lieberman-Warner plan moves too far from their goals.”

In related news, American Electric Power, Duke Energy, Xcel Energy and several other electric utilities have joined together to ask the senators to attach a “safety valve” to climate legislation because of the “protection it would provide for our customers.” Boo! What about the protection it would cost future generations??

As for an update on where the energy bill stands …

E&E News (subs. req’d) reports

Top House Democrats intend to press for a fuel economy boost and a renewable electricity mandate in the final version of the energy bill despite the threat of a presidential veto….

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) yesterday revived the idea of holding a formal House-Senate conference to hammer out a final energy bill. Negotiations have already begun outside of a conference amid Democratic allegations that Senate Republicans would not allow a formal process.

I think the smart money is still betting against a good bill making it all the way to the president’s desk.

2 Responses to Update on Warner-Lieberman and Energy Bill

  1. Saul says:

    I don’t think that the smart money has to win this time. We can guarantee that a strong energy bill makes it to the presidents desk despite his threatened veto and the efforts of the auto lobby.

    A bill that includes the senates version of higher fuel efficiency standards and a renewable electricity standard of 15% is achievable and critical. Critical to our environment, critical at limiting our dependence on foreign oil and critical to developing a healthy and strong alternative energy economy.

    To learn more about the coalition that I am working for and to sign our petition go to

    Thanks and have a great day.

  2. Dr. Karl Von Brauch says:

    The Warner-Lieberman and Energy Bill will only exacerbate and prolong our dependence on foreign dictators who compromise our national security with their control of oil.

    The goals of alternative energy are admirable but not expedient. We need security and a functional economy NOW.

    The Brazilians no longer are dependent on foreign oil, OPEC, and the myriad of highway robbers. They found enough oil in the Pacific. In the US that is illegal. There is more shale oil in the Rocky Mountain Range than in Iraq. In the US it is illegal to obtain it. We can sustain ourselves for over 25 years without foreign oil from a 0.01% barren coastal region of the ANWR. In the US it is illegal to drill there.

    Congress is our own worst enemy! Too many legislators have been pimped by controlling forces that want the status quo.

    The oil speculators who gamble on the rising oil prices should be wiped out by a substantial release of the oil reserve that would break their backs and serve as an excellent teaching tool via the US.

    Our security and economy are top priorities. We can’t wait any longer….