If you were missing the offset dissing…

… I hope this article will tide you over: “Offsets – Hype Or Hope?” by me. The article is published in Bridges, the publication of the Office of Science & Technology at the Embassy of Austria in Washington, DC.

I do intend to do more posting on offsets, since they continue to attract more interest than they probably deserve.

One Response to If you were missing the offset dissing…

  1. Ronald says:

    I can’t see the value in offsets. The reason we had pollution reductions from vehicle exhaust was because we had the clean air act of 1970 and others. These laws forced all vehicles (cars mostly, don’t know about diesel) sold in the United States to have pollution controls added to the vehicles or reductions of some sort.

    If it was decided to only offer offsets of air pollution, a single person could buy a fog free car, but nobody else needed to have one, we’d still have high fog pollution levels from cars and other vehicles. It was only after laws were passed to require manufactors that they could only sell vehicles with pollution controls, was any good done.

    Any money spent on offsets because of some guilt of using carbon is less money that could be used in a propaganda battle. It’s the need to lower everybody’s level of carbon dioxide release levels that matters. Offsets are wasted money.