Greening the Peacock

peacock.jpgOkay, yes, I know — peacock’s are already pretty darn green.

I meant the Peacock network, who will be greening their operations — and broadcasting green-themed shows this week:

NBC Universal is launching more than 150 hours of environmentally themed content encompassing all of their programming divisions across multiple platforms for the week of Nov. 4 – 10. The big media company is taking it a step further and greening its own operations worldwide.

While I know that readers of Climate Progress are far too erudite to admit that you watch network television, I am giving you a pass this week to visit part of the vast wasteland and report on what green things you see. Plus you’ll need something to watch in place of The Daily Show.

I do watch some NBC shows, as I have blogged, and will DVR them when I’m in Chicago so I can report on them at week’s end.

3 Responses to Greening the Peacock

  1. Eric Roston says:

    General Electric launched its “EcoImagination” advertising campaign two years or so ago. Why did NBC, a longtime business unit of GE, need another two years to show its colors?

  2. lut says:

    peacocks are indead preety[the male ] they are also my favioret brd species

    ps; they are hard to draw thats why i like em they always look good no matter how you draw them how you draw them

  3. lauren&morgan says:

    you guys are DORK$!
    but they are