Arnold Sues the EPA Over Vehicle Emissions

By about 2 o’clock in the afternoon, not many national papers had picked up the story that was all over Detroit. After waiting out the wildfires, California finally sued the EPA today, in an effort to force a decision on whether the state can obtain a waiver to enforce strict greenhouse gas regulations on vehicle tailpipes.

The announcement has been a long-time coming. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger threatened to sue over three months ago, knowing that the EPA is going to stall its decision as long as possible. California is going after tailpipes as part of AB32, the state’s global warming bill coming into effect soon.

Benjamin Goldstein from the Center for American Progress just posted his assessment of the events building up to big Arnold’s legal move and an explanation of how this delay is a replica of the Administration’s denial and delay tactics.

In the EPA’s case, it’s truly “unprecedented obstructionism.” Goldstein writes, “The EPA has approved 50 full waivers and 40 waiver amendments since 1968. There have only been five occasions on which the EPA has denied a request, and the last time was in 1975.”

To reiterate one of Climate Progress’ earlier points on the EPA’s procrastination:

“This is like saying we’re going to have a meeting next year about getting Osama bin Laden.” – Rep Jay Inslee (D-WA)

One Response to Arnold Sues the EPA Over Vehicle Emissions

  1. John Mashey says:

    “been a long time coming.”

    But just to make sure the responsibility is clear:

    12/21/05: CA makes original request for waiver to EPA

    04/02/07: Supreme Court says EPA has authority

    04/25/07: CA informs of CA intent to sue after 180 days

    I haven’t found the law, but apparently there is a 180-day notice requirement, and in this case, with the fires, it got delayed a little more. So, a few weeks of this is CA, and the rest is the EPA, which must surely win the “Fabian tactics award, government cateogy.”