URGENT: Stop the Deniers!

Kevin Grandia at Desmogblog writes me urgently:

Right wing bloggers (the organized bunch that they are) have been pushing the votes for this year’s Weblog Awards and if nothing changes by midnight tonight, a climate denial site called Climate Audit will win for the “Best science blog” site.

Not good – please email everyone you know and ask them to vote for the second running site “Bad Astronomy” right away — we only need about 500 votes and if each of us sends it to 10 people, we’re well on our way.

Here’s the voting link.

For more info, read Kevin’s post: The “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy” beating “Vast Left Wing” Voting for Best Science Weblog.

2 Responses to URGENT: Stop the Deniers!

  1. Paul K says:

    Anyone who takes the time to actually read ClimateAudit will realize Steve McIntyre is not a “right wing denier.” He has repeatedly said that nothing he has done falsifies AGW theory. He is a Canadian mining engineer who is adept at statistics, auditing large data sets and coding algorithms. He has been an IPCC reviewer and commenter. He has made a positive contribution to climate science by advocating sound statistical practices and open archiving of data and methodology. He is, like the esteemed host of ClimateProgress and unlike the hosts of some other blogs in this competition, unfailingly civil to and patient with those who challenge his views. For the record, my vote went to SciGuy. Of course, should there ever be a category for “Best Climate Policy Blog” climateprogress will get my enthusiastic support.

  2. Simmons says:

    Looks like it’s too late now… :(