Two Questions — and an Apology — for Climate Progress Readers

First the questions: Climate Progress webstats say that through yesterday, by far the most viewed page is the SHARE THIS button, with an amazing 80,000 views. That comes to more than 4500 views a day — which is more than the average number of visits I get per day. That would mean a whole lot of people are clicking on SHARE THIS on a regular basis, if the webstats can be trusted.

My first question to readers is — are you in fact clicking on SHARE THIS? I’m not getting much traffic from the “social web” — other than Stumbleupon, so I’m assuming that if people are, they are doing so to e-mail posts. So my second question to readers is — are you in fact e-mailing posts to people?

[Bonus technical question: Webstats also calculate 872 under “Entry” and 26,129 under “Exit.” That implies SHARE THIS “may be a navigational dead-end or contain a serious usability problem” according to a website that explains just what Entry and Exit mean. If anyone can explain what’s going on, I’d be grateful.]

Now the apology: I just found out from a reader that my RSS feed link does not work in Internet Explorer. I never realized this because I use the Firefox browser — which I was recommended as the best browser for blogging. [As an aside, I think it is a great browser in general and I use it for all purposes now.]

I am sorry about this — webstats said the feed was clicked on 45,000 so far this month, so I can imagine how frustrating that must be. I have asked the powers that be to fix this ASAP, which hopefully means this month. Until then, you might consider giving Firefox a try. I’ll post again when it is fixed.

3 Responses to Two Questions — and an Apology — for Climate Progress Readers

  1. Jeff in Seattle says:

    One thought:
    The ‘Share This’ link looks a lot like the ‘Read More’ link that exists on your longer posts… I have nearly hit it by mistake a number of times.
    Perhaps some people are clicking in error…

    I forward many of your posts, but I do so by manually putting a link in an email.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. N. Johnson says:

    Feed Validator shows your feed is valid RSS 2.0. So any problem is a result of Internet Exploder. That said, FeedBurner has a WordPress plugin that will show human-readable content when your RSS icon is clicked instead of the actual RSS feed. It also offers some stats and other goodies.

  3. David B. Benson says:

    Stats seem odd to me…