CNN on Presidential Climate Forum

Go here and click on “Climate change politics.”

Lot’s more details — news stories and blog coverage — at Grist.

2 Responses to CNN on Presidential Climate Forum

  1. I’m so glad to see that Grist’s forum put climate change on the presidential forum. I don’t see any such effort focused on the congressionals. I ran against a 14 year anti-environment incumbent Republican, Joe Knollenberg, last November and almost beat him 47-51% after being outspent 7 to 1. My signature issue was global warming and I live smack dab in the home of the auto industry. Robert Kennedy Jr. did my first ad endorsing me for my leadership on global warming. linked text Now the DCCC has recruited a candidate to run against me in this cycle who will be much more in the Dingell camp on energy issues I’m sure.

    Is there any effort among those of us who want immediate congressional action after the election to get behind the candidates who will run with the ball? See my most recent blog post at on the lack of leadership right now on this issue. I’d be very open to hearing how we can rally the troops behind the “Climate Candidates” and see some progress come November.


    Nancy Skinner
    Democratic Candidate MI-09

    PS – Joe Romm will know me from my work years ago to rebuild two Midwestern flood stricken-towns as models of sustainable development with DOE good guy Bill Becker.