So you want to calculate your carbon footprint

Well, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories has collected many of the most popular carbon calculators — including their own — and compared their features here. Pick one and go for it!

3 Responses to So you want to calculate your carbon footprint

  1. Ron says:

    I’m not seeing the usefulness of these calculators. Maybe you should have posted this under ‘humor’.

    I tried several and got a range of 2.82 to 10.6!

    One put me over the national average and one put me at ‘very low’. Some don’t ask what kind of car you drive. Some give ranges to choose from, such as electricity bill amounts and mileage, that don’t seem specific enough. None that I saw asked about recycling. Also, it seems to me, purchasing and eating habits should be taken into account, etc.

    Which one do you think is most accurate?

  2. Joe says:

    I’d go with LBNL’s — it seems the most comprehensive.

  3. Ron says:

    Speaking of carbon footprints, I saw this in a Smithsonian article from February of this year. I thought it was ironic.

    “[Susan Solomon] a no-nonsense 51-year-old atmospheric chemist, …. a co-leader of the massive new study, along with Qin Dahe, a climatologist from the China Meteorological Administration in Beijing. Solomon will become the public face of the U.N. report, in charge of presenting the best scientific thinking on the subject of global warming and the evidence that it is caused by the burning of fossil fuels. “The science is strong,” she says, “and we’ll be presenting a consensus view.”

    Here comes the funny part:

    “To reach that consensus, Solomon logged more than 400,000 air miles over the past four years ….”

    I bet her footprint would scare Sasquatch!