Must Read Bali Climate Declaration by Scientists

For those who didn’t get the message from the dire November synthesis report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, more than 200 of the world’s leading climate scientists have today issued the following declaration:

The 2007 IPCC report, compiled by several hundred climate scientists, has unequivocally concluded that our climate is warming rapidly, and that we are now at least 90% certain that this is mostly due to human activities. The amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere now far exceeds the natural range of the past 650,000 years, and it is rising very quickly due to human activity. If this trend is not halted soon, many millions of people will be at risk from extreme events such as heat waves, drought, floods and storms, our coasts and cities will be threatened by rising sea levels, and many ecosystems, plants and animal species will be in serious danger of extinction.

The next round of focused negotiations for a new global climate treaty (within the 1992 UNFCCC process) needs to begin in December 2007 and be completed by 2009. The prime goal of this new regime must be to limit global warming to no more than 2 ºC above the pre-industrial temperature, a limit that has already been formally adopted by the European Union and a number of other countries.

Based on current scientific understanding, this requires that global greenhouse gas emissions need to be reduced by at least 50% below their 1990 levels by the year 2050. In the long run, greenhouse gas concentrations need to be stabilised at a level well below 450 ppm (parts per million; measured in CO2-equivalent concentration). In order to stay below 2 ºC, global emissions must peak and decline in the next 10 to 15 years, so there is no time to lose.

As scientists, we urge the negotiators to reach an agreement that takes these targets as a minimum requirement for a fair and effective global climate agreement.

Take that, Luddite delayers — this means you Bush, Lomborg, and Gingrich.

You can read the AP story on the declaration, with a quote from Climate Progress, here.

The scientists with the moral sensibility to sign this declation deserve kudos — and recognition. Here they are:

Name Title Country
Richard Allan Dr United Kingdom
Richard Anthes Dr USA
Waleed Abdalati Head, Cryospheric Sciences Branch USA
Becky Alexander Assistant Professor USA
Ian Allison Dr Australia
Caspar Ammann Research Scientist USA
Leif Anderson Professor Sweden
Jean-Claude Andre Dr France
Natalie Andronova Research Scientist USA
David Archer Professor USA
Mike Archer Professor. Dean of Science Australia
Vincenzo Artale Senior Research Scientist Italy
Paulo Artaxo Professor Brazil
Karen Assmann Dr Norway
Dorothee Bakker Dr United Kingdom
Edouard Bard Professor College de France France
Tim Barnett Research Marine Physicist USA
J. Ray Bates Professor Ireland
Richard Bellerby Dr Norway
Rasmus E. Benestad Dr Norway
Terje Berntsen Senior Scientist Norway
Nathan Bindoff Professor Physical Oceanography Australia
Robert Bindschadler Chief Scientist, Hydrospheric/Biospheric Laboratory USA
Roxana Bojariu Head, Climate Research Group Romania
Sandrine Bony Research Scientist France
Laurent Bopp Dr France
Alberto Borges Dr Belgium
Philippe Bousquet Assistant Professor France
Pascale Braconnot Dr France
Raymond S. Bradley Professor. Director. Climate System Research Center USA
Guy Brasseur Senior Scientist USA
Francois-Marie Breon Professor France
Christopher Bretherton Director. Program on Climate Change USA
Victor Brovkin Dr Germany
Erik Buitenhuis Dr United Kingdom
Pep Canadell Executive Director Global Carbon Project Australia
Mark Cane Professor USA
Carlo Carraro Professor Italy
Anny Cazenave Senior Scientist France
Marie-Lise Chanin Director of Research Emeritus France
Sylvie Charbit Dr France
Robert J. Charlson Professor USA
John Church Chief Research Scientist Australia
Garry Clarke Emeritus Professor of Geophysics Canada
Martin Claussen Professor. Director. Max Planck Inst. Germany
William D. Collins Professor and Senior Scientist USA
Paul Crutzen Professor Germany/USA
Kurt M. Cuffey Professor USA
Valerie Daux Dr France
Anthony Del Genio Physical Scientist USA
Kenneth Denman Senior Scientist Canada
Robert E. Dickinson Professor USA
Paul Dirmeyer Research Scientist USA
Helge Drange Professor Norway
Kerry Emanuel Professor USA
Matthew England Professor and ARC Federation Fellow Australia
Ian Enting Professor Australia
Jean-Louis Fellous Earth observation satellite expert France
Jonathan Fink Director. Global Institute of Sustainability USA
Andreas Fischlin Director Terrestrial Systems Ecology. ETH Zurich Switzerland
Jacqueline Fl¼ckiger Research Scientist Switzerland
Chris E. Forest Research Scientist USA
Piers Forster Reader in Climate Change Physics UK
Joos Fortunat Professor Switzerland
Roger Francey Senior Scientist Australia
Helen Amanda Fricker Associate Research Geophysicist USA
Pierre Friedlingstein Dr France
Andrew D. Friend Dr United Kingdom
Qiang Fu Professor USA
Andrey Ganopolski Scientist Germany
Catherine Gautier Professor USA
Alexander Gershunov Research Climatologist USA
Sarah Gille Associate Professor USA
Nathan Gillet Dr UK
Valerie Gros Dr France
Nicolas Gruber Professor Switzerland
Hoshin Gupta Professor USA
Kimio Hanawa Professor Japan
Bogi Hansen Professor Faroe Islands
Mohamed H.A. Hassan Professor Italy
Klaus Hasselmann Prof. Emeritus Germany
Gerald Haug Professor Switzerland
Didier Hauglustaine Directeur de Recherche CNRS France
A. D. J. Haymet Professor USA
Gabriele Hegerl Dr and Reader Geosciences UK,USA
Martin Heimann Professor. Director. Max-Planck-Inst. Germany
Christoph Heinze Professor in Chemical Oceanography Norway
Ann Henderson-Sellers Professor Australia
Jens Hesselbjerg Christensen Head of Climate Research Programme Denmark
Bruce Hewitson Professor South Africa
Kip Hodges Director. School of Earth & Space Exploration United States
Georg Hoffman Dr France
Marika Holland Scientist USA
David M Holland Professor USA
Elisabeth A. Holland Program Lead, Biogeosciences Program, NCAR USA
Greg Holland Senior Scientist Severe Weather Research and Applications USA
Lesley Hughes Professor Australia
James W. Hurrell Senior Scientist USA
Stan Jacobs Senior Research Scientist USA
Eystein Jansen Professor. Director Norway
Truls Johannessen Professor of Chemical Oceanography Norway
Ian Joughin Senior Engineer USA
Masa Kageyama Dr France
Robert Kandel Emeritus Senior Scientist France
Georg Kaser Professor Austria
Ralph Keeling Professor of Geochemistry USA
Robert M. Key Research Oceanographer United States
Jeffrey Kiehl Senior Scientist USA
Miko Kirschbaum Senior Scientist New Zealand
Christine Klaas Dr Germany
Albert Klein Tank Dr Netherlands
Reto Knutti Professor Switzerland
Rupa Kumar Kolli Dr India
Ren© Laprise Professor. Director ESCER Centre Canada
Corinne Le Quere Professor United Kingdom
Herve Le Treut Director. Laboratoire de Meteorologie Dynamique France
Peter Lemke Professor Germany
Conway Leovy Professor Emeritus USA
Sydney Levitus Director. World Data Center for Oceanography USA
Ulrike Lohmann Professor Switzerland
Diana Liverman Professor United Kingdom
Dan Lubin Research Physicist USA
Joachim Luther Professor Germany
Amanda H. Lynch Professor and ARC Federation Fellow Australia
Jose Antonio Marengo Senior Scientist Brazil
Jochem Marotzke Professor. Director. Max Planck Inst. Germany
Valerie Masson-Delmotte Dr France
Ben Matthews Dr Belgium
Cecilie Mauritzen Senior Scientist Norway
Bryant McAvaney Senior Principal Research Scientist Australia
James J. McCarthy Professor of Oceanography USA
Jeffrey J. McDonnell Professor and Richardson Chair in Watershed Science USA
Trevor J. McDougall Dr Australia
Tony McMichael Professor Australia
Ben McNeil Queen Elizabeth II Research Fellow Australia
Nicolas Metzl Dr France
Elisabeth Michel Dr France
Guy Midgley Dr South Africa
Arthur J. Miller Research Oceanographer USA
Gunnar Myhre Senior Scientist Norway
Neville Nicholls Professor Australia
Richard D. Norris Professor and Curator, SIO Geological Collections USA
Daniel Olago Dr. Senior Lecturer University of Nairobi Kenya
Michael Oppenheimer Professor USA
Bette Otto-Bliesner Senior Scientist USA
Jonathon Overpeck Director Institute for the Study of Planet Earth USA
Didier Paillard Dr France
Wm. Richard Peltier University Professor of Physics Canada
Andy Pitman Professor Australia
Serge Planton Senior Scientist France
Gian-Kasper Plattner Dr Switzerland
Jan Polcher Directeur de Recherche du CNRS France
Michael J. Prather Fred Kavli Professor USA
Stefan Rahmstorf Professor of Physics of the Oceans Germany
Philip Rasch Senior Scientist USA
Michael Raupach Dr Australia
Chris Reason Professor. Oceanography South Africa
James Renwick Science Leader, Climate Variability & Change New Zealand
Ulf Riebesell Professor Germany
Stephen R. Rintoul Dr Australia
Johan Rockstr¶m Associate Professor Sweden
Terry L. Root University Faculty, Senior Fellow USA
Lynn M. Russell Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry USA
Toshiro Saino Professor Japan
Christoph Sch¤r Professor in Atmospheric Sciences, ETH Zurich Switzerland
John Schellnhuber Professor Germany
Gavin Schmidt Research Scientist, NASA GISS USA
Stephen H. Schneider Professor USA
Birgit Schneider Dr France
Michael Schulz Senior Scientist France
Richard Seager Senior Research Scientist USA
Jeffrey P. Severinghaus Professor of Geosciences USA
Drew Shindell Senior Scientist and Lecturer USA
W James Shuttleworth Professor. Director NSF SAHRA Center USA
Murugesu Sivapalan Professor USA
John P. Smol Professor Canada
Olga Solomina Dr Russia
Richard Somerville Professor USA
Will Steffen Professor Australia
Thomas Stocker Professor Switzerland
Kristof Sturm Associate Professor Sweden
John Sulston Dr United Kingdom
Didier Swingedouw Dr France
Lynne D. Talley Professor USA
Karl E. Taylor Dr USA
Fichefet Thierry Professor Belgium
Helmuth Thomas Associate Professor. Canada Reseach Chair Canada
Jerry Tjiputra Dr Indonesia
Kevin Trenberth Dr. Head, Climate Analysis Section USA
Peter A. Troch Professor USA
Carol Turley Dr United Kingdom
A.S Unnikrishnan Senior Scientist India
Francisco P. J. Valero Director Atmospheric Research Laboratory USA
Rob Van Dorland Dr The Netherlands
Ricardo Villalba Director IANIGLA Argentina
Martin Visbeck Professor Germany
Andrea Volbers Dr Norway
Thorsten Wagener Assistant Professor USA
John Wahr Professor USA
Warren M. Washington Senior Scientist USA
Bob Wasson Professor Australia
Andrew Watson Professor United Kingdom
Ian G. Watterson Dr Australia
Andrew Weaver Professor Canada
Peter J. Webster Professor USA
Ray F. Weiss Professor USA
James W.C. White Professor USA
J¼rgen Willebrand Professor Emeritus Germany
Larry Winter Deputy Director NCAR USA
Carl Wunsch Professor of Physical Oceanography USA
Xubin Zeng Professor USA
Guang J. Zhang Research Meteorologist USA

19 Responses to Must Read Bali Climate Declaration by Scientists

  1. Thanks for publishing that list here, Joe. Bravo, you honest and sensible climatologists.

  2. TAR says:

    Yep, despite the unreasonable opening scare paragraph, we do really need to cut emissions – ESPECIALLY ALL CAR AND TRUCK DRIVERS who are THE main source of GHG gases known as fossil fuels to the atmosphere.

    Wish those states that are asking EPA to regulate CO2 in aircrafts instead put the focus on motorized vehicle emissions with a mandated doubling of mpg rating of new cars with some sort of deduction for consumers to buy higher mileage vehicles and/or hybrid ones.

  3. risa says:

    What’s to prioritize? All of the following at once: 55 mph speed limit. Replace inefficient lighting. Retrofit all buildings for efficiency. Liberalize industrial work-from-home policies. Utilize new geothermal-source-finding technologies. Yet more wind farms and solar-thermal farms. Thin-film solar-cell carports over industial, government, nonprofit, and commercial parking lots. Solar and wind along freeways. Mass transit. Relocalization (grow local, eat local). Walk, bike, upgrade your hot-water heater, take the train, bring your canvas bag to the grocery store, learn to enjoy sitting and talking with the neighbors instead of zooming around on a jet ski. Replace income tax with progressive carbon tax. And LEAVE THE COAL IN THE GROUND.

  4. Railer says:

    Interesting list, about 215 scientists, that what a 90% drop in the 2500 consensus scientists? We finally have the truth about the actual numbers behind the climate science, now if I could get you an equally valid list 250 scientists stating the climate science is not accurate and certainly not requiring draconian laws to cripple industry world wide?

    Would you change you mind?

  5. Reality check says:

    Railer – do some homework and look at who these 215 scientists are. They are the giants in their field and they are directly advocating policy change. This is outside the IPCC’s brief. You’re an idiot.

  6. Railer says:

    Oh so now it’s not quantity it’s quality that counts, it must be nice to change the rules half way through.

    And scientists like:
    Dr Madhav Khandekar
    Dr. Sallie Baliunas
    Dr. Tim Ball
    Dr. Richard Lindzen
    Dr. John R. Christy
    Dr. Chris de Freitas
    Dr. Tim Patterson
    Dr. Paul Copper

    Are no long climate scientists, but let me guess shills of Exxon? Because they don’t agree with you?

    And This:

    Scientific American took a sample of 30 of the 1,400 signatories claiming to hold a Ph.D. in a climate-related science. Of the 26 we were able to identify in various databases, 11 said they still agreed with the petition —- one was an active climate researcher, two others had relevant expertise, and eight signed based on an informal evaluation. Six said they would not sign the petition today, three did not remember any such petition, one had died, and five did not answer repeated messages. Crudely extrapolating, the petition supporters include a core of about 200 climate researchers – a respectable number, though rather a small fraction of the climatological community.

    So one week 200 is a small fraction and a year later 200 is the new consensus! and MANY of the above scientists are in Oceanography and chemistry, as so many believers like to point out they are not even climatologists, what do they know.

    I could get you a list of 200 CLIMATOLOGISTS who state man made global warming is not a threat and you would find a way too call them all shills because they don’t believe in your religion, you Reality Check are a naive dupe.

  7. Railer says:

    Here another batch of those pesky experts in their field pointing out that CO2 could not possibly be causing the current warming, because it’s actually impossible to match models with observed results.

    But please don’t let the science intrude on your hysterics and fear mongering.

  8. Joe says:

    I hate to break it to you — but these are most of the remaining global warming deniers trotting out their standard disinformation. It is laughable to put them up against the scientists who signed the Bali Statement.

  9. Railer says:

    I can see my comments are being removed without warrant, I’ll remember not to come here again, after all I can see now how open minded liberal climate scientists really are when it comes open scientific conversations.

    Joes Slanders legitimate scientists and he’s posted, I defend as legitimate them and my post disappears.

  10. Joe says:

    Railer: Read the terms of use — you keep violating them.
    We are trying to keep the discussion civil here.
    I publish plenty of doubters, as long as they, like all other posters, follow the terms of use.

  11. Railer says:

    Let’s see if it’s volatilizes your “Terms of Use”

    When are you going to write an article on this list of names, that signed off on “It is not possible to stop climate change, a natural phenomenon that has affected humanity through the ages.”

    The following are signatories to the Dec. 13th letter to the Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations on the UN Climate conference in Bali:

    Don Aitkin, PhD, Professor, social scientist, retired vice-chancellor and president, University of Canberra, Australia

    William J.R. Alexander, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Civil and Biosystems Engineering, University of Pretoria, South Africa; Member, UN Scientific and Technical Committee on Natural Disasters, 1994-2000

    Bjarne Andresen, PhD, physicist, Professor, The Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

    Geoff L. Austin, PhD, FNZIP, FRSNZ, Professor, Dept. of Physics, University of Auckland, New Zealand

    Timothy F. Ball, PhD, environmental consultant, former climatology professor, University of Winnipeg

    Ernst-Georg Beck, Dipl. Biol., Biologist, Merian-Schule Freiburg, Germany

    Sonja A. Boehmer-Christiansen, PhD, Reader, Dept. of Geography, Hull University, U.K.; Editor, Energy & Environment journal

    Chris C. Borel, PhD, remote sensing scientist, U.S.

    Reid A. Bryson, PhD, DSc, DEngr, UNE P. Global 500 Laureate; Senior Scientist, Center for Climatic Research; Emeritus Professor of Meteorology, of Geography, and of Environmental Studies, University of Wisconsin

    Dan Carruthers, M.Sc., wildlife biology consultant specializing in animal ecology in Arctic and Subarctic regions, Alberta

    R.M. Carter, PhD, Professor, Marine Geophysical Laboratory, James Cook University, Townsville, Australia

    Ian D. Clark, PhD, Professor, isotope hydrogeology and paleoclimatology, Dept. of Earth Sciences, University of Ottawa

    Richard S. Courtney, PhD, climate and atmospheric science consultant, IPCC expert reviewer, U.K.

    Willem de Lange, PhD, Dept. of Earth and Ocean Sciences, School of Science and Engineering, Waikato University, New Zealand

    David Deming, PhD (Geophysics), Associate Professor, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Oklahoma

    Freeman J. Dyson, PhD, Emeritus Professor of Physics, Institute for Advanced Studies, Princeton, N.J.

    Don J. Easterbrook, PhD, Emeritus Professor of Geology, Western Washington University

    Lance Endersbee, Emeritus Professor, former dean of Engineering and Pro-Vice Chancellor of Monasy University, Australia

    Hans Erren, Doctorandus, geophysicist and climate specialist, Sittard, The Netherlands

    Robert H. Essenhigh, PhD, E.G. Bailey Professor of Energy Conversion, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, The Ohio State University

    Christopher Essex, PhD, Professor of Applied Mathematics and Associate Director of the Program in Theoretical Physics, University of Western Ontario

    David Evans, PhD, mathematician, carbon accountant, computer and electrical engineer and head of ‘Science Speak,’ Australia

    William Evans, PhD, editor, American Midland Naturalist; Dept. of Biological Sciences, University of Notre Dame

    Stewart Franks, PhD, Professor, Hydroclimatologist, University of Newcastle, Australia

    R. W. Gauldie, PhD, Research Professor, Hawai’i Institute of Geophysics and Planetology, School of Ocean Earth Sciences and Technology, University of Hawai’i at Manoa

    Lee C. Gerhard, PhD, Senior Scientist Emeritus, University of Kansas; former director and state geologist, Kansas Geological Survey

    Gerhard Gerlich, Professor for Mathematical and Theoretical Physics, Institut für Mathematische Physik der TU Braunschweig, Germany

    Albrecht Glatzle, PhD, sc.agr., Agro-Biologist and Gerente ejecutivo, INTTAS, Paraguay

    Fred Goldberg, PhD, Adjunct Professor, Royal Institute of Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Stockholm, Sweden

    Vincent Gray, PhD, expert reviewer for the IPCC and author of The Greenhouse Delusion: A Critique of ‘Climate Change 2001, Wellington, New Zealand

    William M. Gray, Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Atmospheric Science, Colorado State University and Head of the Tropical Meteorology Project

    Howard Hayden, PhD, Emeritus Professor of Physics, University of Connecticut

    Louis Hissink MSc, M.A.I.G., editor, AIG News, and consulting geologist, Perth, Western Australia

    Craig D. Idso, PhD, Chairman, Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change, Arizona

    Sherwood B. Idso, PhD, President, Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change, AZ, USA

    Andrei Illarionov, PhD, Senior Fellow, Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity; founder and director of the Institute of Economic Analysis

    Zbigniew Jaworowski, PhD, physicist, Chairman – Scientific Council of Central Laboratory for Radiological Protection, Warsaw, Poland

    Jon Jenkins, PhD, MD, computer modelling – virology, NSW, Australia

    Wibjorn Karlen, PhD, Emeritus Professor, Dept. of Physical Geography and Quaternary Geology, Stockholm University, Sweden

    Olavi Kärner, Ph.D., Research Associate, Dept. of Atmospheric Physics, Institute of Astrophysics and Atmospheric Physics, Toravere, Estonia

    Joel M. Kauffman, PhD, Emeritus Professor of Chemistry, University of the Sciences in Philadelphia

    David Kear, PhD, FRSNZ, CMG, geologist, former Director-General of NZ Dept. of Scientific & Industrial Research, New Zealand

    Madhav Khandekar, PhD, former research scientist, Environment Canada; editor, Climate Research (2003-05); editorial board member, Natural Hazards; IPCC expert reviewer 2007

    William Kininmonth M.Sc., M.Admin., former head of Australia’s National Climate Centre and a consultant to the World Meteorological organization’s Commission for Climatology Jan J.H. Kop, MSc Ceng FICE (Civil Engineer Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers), Emeritus Prof. of Public Health Engineering, Technical University Delft, The Netherlands

    Prof. R.W.J. Kouffeld, Emeritus Professor, Energy Conversion, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

    Salomon Kroonenberg, PhD, Professor, Dept. of Geotechnology, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

    Hans H.J. Labohm, PhD, economist, former advisor to the executive board, Clingendael Institute (The Netherlands Institute of International Relations), The Netherlands

    The Rt. Hon. Lord Lawson of Blaby, economist; Chairman of the Central Europe Trust; former Chancellor of the Exchequer, U.K.

    Douglas Leahey, PhD, meteorologist and air-quality consultant, Calgary

    David R. Legates, PhD, Director, Center for Climatic Research, University of Delaware

    Marcel Leroux, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Climatology, University of Lyon, France; former director of Laboratory of Climatology, Risks and Environment, CNRS

    Bryan Leyland, International Climate Science Coalition, consultant and power engineer, Auckland, New Zealand

    William Lindqvist, PhD, independent consulting geologist, Calif.

    Richard S. Lindzen, PhD, Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology, Dept. of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    A.J. Tom van Loon, PhD, Professor of Geology (Quaternary Geology), Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Poland; former President of the European Association of Science Editors

    Anthony R. Lupo, PhD, Associate Professor of Atmospheric Science, Dept. of Soil, Environmental, and Atmospheric Science, University of Missouri-Columbia

    Richard Mackey, PhD, Statistician, Australia

    Horst Malberg, PhD, Professor for Meteorology and Climatology, Institut für Meteorologie, Berlin, Germany

    John Maunder, PhD, Climatologist, former President of the Commission for Climatology of the World Meteorological Organization (89-97), New Zealand

    Alister McFarquhar, PhD, international economy, Downing College, Cambridge, U.K.

    Ross McKitrick, PhD, Associate Professor, Dept. of Economics, University of Guelph

    John McLean, PhD, climate data analyst, computer scientist, Australia

    Owen McShane, PhD, economist, head of the International Climate Science Coalition; Director, Centre for Resource Management Studies, New Zealand

    Fred Michel, PhD, Director, Institute of Environmental Sciences and Associate Professor of Earth Sciences, Carleton University

    Frank Milne, PhD, Professor, Dept. of Economics, Queen’s University

    Asmunn Moene, PhD, former head of the Forecasting Centre, Meteorological Institute, Norway

    Alan Moran, PhD, Energy Economist, Director of the IPA’s Deregulation Unit, Australia

    Nils-Axel Morner, PhD, Emeritus Professor of Paleogeophysics & Geodynamics, Stockholm University, Sweden

    Lubos Motl, PhD, Physicist, former Harvard string theorist, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic

    John Nicol, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Physics, James Cook University, Australia

    David Nowell, M.Sc., Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society, former chairman of the NATO Meteorological Group, Ottawa

    James J. O’Brien, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Meteorology and Oceanography, Florida State University

    Cliff Ollier, PhD, Professor Emeritus (Geology), Research Fellow, University of Western Australia

    Garth W. Paltridge, PhD, atmospheric physicist, Emeritus Professor and former Director of the Institute of Antarctic and Southern Ocean Studies, University of Tasmania, Australia

    R. Timothy Patterson, PhD, Professor, Dept. of Earth Sciences (paleoclimatology), Carleton University

    Al Pekarek, PhD, Associate Professor of Geology, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Dept., St. Cloud State University, Minnesota

    Ian Plimer, PhD, Professor of Geology, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Adelaide and Emeritus Professor of Earth Sciences, University of Melbourne, Australia

    Brian Pratt, PhD, Professor of Geology, Sedimentology, University of Saskatchewan

    Harry N.A. Priem, PhD, Emeritus Professor of Planetary Geology and Isotope Geophysics, Utrecht University; former director of the Netherlands Institute for Isotope Geosciences

    Alex Robson, PhD, Economics, Australian National University Colonel F.P.M. Rombouts, Branch Chief – Safety, Quality and Environment, Royal Netherland Air Force

    R.G. Roper, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Atmospheric Sciences, School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Georgia Institute of Technology

    Arthur Rorsch, PhD, Emeritus Professor, Molecular Genetics, Leiden University, The Netherlands

    Rob Scagel, M.Sc., forest microclimate specialist, principal consultant, Pacific Phytometric Consultants, B.C.

    Tom V. Segalstad, PhD, (Geology/Geochemistry), Head of the Geological Museum and Associate Professor of Resource and Environmental Geology, University of Oslo, Norway

    Gary D. Sharp, PhD, Center for Climate/Ocean Resources Study, Salinas, CA

    S. Fred Singer, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Environmental Sciences, University of Virginia and former director Weather Satellite Service

    L. Graham Smith, PhD, Associate Professor, Dept. of Geography, University of Western Ontario

    Roy W. Spencer, PhD, climatologist, Principal Research Scientist, Earth System Science Center, The University of Alabama, Huntsville

    Peter Stilbs, TeknD, Professor of Physical Chemistry, Research Leader, School of Chemical Science and Engineering, KTH (Royal Institute of Technology), Stockholm, Sweden

    Hendrik Tennekes, PhD, former director of research, Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute

    Dick Thoenes, PhD, Emeritus Professor of Chemical Engineering, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands

    Brian G Valentine, PhD, PE (Chem.), Technology Manager – Industrial Energy Efficiency, Adjunct Associate Professor of Engineering Science, University of Maryland at College Park; Dept of Energy, Washington, DC

    Gerrit J. van der Lingen, PhD, geologist and paleoclimatologist, climate change consultant, Geoscience Research and Investigations, New Zealand

    Len Walker, PhD, Power Engineering, Australia

    Edward J. Wegman, PhD, Department of Computational and Data Sciences, George Mason University, Virginia

    Stephan Wilksch, PhD, Professor for Innovation and Technology Management, Production Management and Logistics, University of Technolgy and Economics Berlin, Germany

    Boris Winterhalter, PhD, senior marine researcher (retired), Geological Survey of Finland, former professor in marine geology, University of Helsinki, Finland

    David E. Wojick, PhD, P.Eng., energy consultant, Virginia

    Raphael Wust, PhD, Lecturer, Marine Geology/Sedimentology, James Cook University, Australia

    A. Zichichi, PhD, President of the World Federation of Scientists, Geneva, Switzerland; Emeritus Professor of Advanced Physics, University of Bologna, Italy

  12. Joe says:

    Not bloody many climate scientists! Why would I care what the vast majority of these folks think? Padding the list with social scientists — gimme a break!

  13. Railer says:

    And that’s what it finally comes down to, I could bring you 500 scientists against you’re world view and you would find a reason to keep your mind closed. 1 social out of 100 scientists and you point that one out, nice.

    I can see how geology, physics, oceanography, chemistry, and statistics have nothing to do with climate and how these scientists should have no say.

    You ever wonder why so many scientists specifically from other fields who have looked at the facts but are not personally or financially dependent on AGW, think the science for AGW is wrong?

  14. Joe says:

    1? Why should I care what any of these folks think about climate science? Or golf, or anything out of their area of expertise?

    Professor, social scientist,

    Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Civil and Biosystems Engineering,

    PhD, physicist, Professor

    Professor, Dept. of Physics,

    Dipl. Biol., Biologist,

    PhD, Reader, Dept. of Geography, Hull University, U.K.; Editor, Energy & Environment journal (!!!!!)

    PhD, remote sensing scientist

    M.Sc., wildlife biology consultant specializing in animal ecology in Arctic and Subarctic regions

    Freeman J. Dyson, PhD, Emeritus Professor of Physics,

    PhD, Emeritus Professor of Geology,

    Emeritus Professor, former dean of Engineering

    Professor of Energy Conversion, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

    Professor of Applied Mathematics and Associate Director of the Program in Theoretical Physics,

    PhD, mathematician, carbon accountant, computer and electrical engineer

    editor, American Midland Naturalist; Dept. of Biological Sciences,

    AND ON AND ON. Seriously.

    A handful of these folks might be worth listening to. If they have published on this issue. If not, what evidence is there they have any expertise on climate change?

  15. PJD says:

    Does someone know a source that lists the affiliations of the 200 signers listed above?

  16. PJD says:

    Reality Check, perhaps you could elaborate on which you feel are the most notable names and mention their affiliations. I have yet to find a source on the net that compares the credentials and affiliations of the Bali signers with the deniers list that Railer has posted. In looking at the denier list I can see that there are certainly many, many highly regarded universities and government organizations that are NOT represented. Other than ONE meteorologist from MIT, it would appear the denier list doesn’t have anyone with any climate background from any of what most people would consider the top 20 universities in the U.S.

    I’m assuming that places like Cal Tech, Berkeley, Stanford, Harvard, Columbia, etc. have scientists studying atmospheric sciences and climate change. If they are not signed up to the deniers list, are they on the Bali list or simply not into making public policy statements?

  17. Ryp says:

    Who needs scientists? Since I was a kid fifty years ago I thought about how so many cars and buildings could be powered across the globe with no ill effects.

    Of course, now we know that they could not. A simple look around the planet is all it takes to realize we are in peril.

    All things are intimately connected in ways that we may never fully understand. How could we not have an impact?

    It is ridiculous to debate a list of people with degrees. What’s the deal, MY list is bigger than YOUR list? It doesn’t matter.

    There will always be those who disagree. That’s normal in a healthy society. They may be uninformed, unable to face the facts, or just too comfortable in the cocoon of modern life that we’ve all been born into.

    This does not mean the problem does not exist. Even the slightest hint of an issue of this magnitude demands precaution at the very least. We have had much more than a slight hint.

    We must stop debating and start changing. Since 2000, our family has made a series of conscious choices that have led to economic benefits, improved health, a great lifestyle and a reduction in our CO2 footprint of over 75%. Anyone who thinks that’s a problem is not even worth having a conversation with.

    The point is that the change we need to make is an opportunity, not punishment. Let’s do it.

  18. KuhnKat says:

    Hey Tar,

    You and the rest of these gentleman should take a look at this paper:

    It is just a Physicist disproving the Green House Hypothesis.

    I guess you didn’t get the memo that the majority of the increase in CO2 in the atmosphere comes from the ocean as it WARMS from the SUN!! Yup, if Al Bore had waited for the high resolution data he would have seen that CO2 LAGS warming by an average of 800 YEARS!!!

    Other sources such as geologic activity, plants, and animals, all exceed the amount put out by man. In fact, man is only responsible for about .5% of the CO2 emissions. The really fun part is that CO2 is only the SECOND largest GHG. WATER VAPOR makes up about 95% and, depending on which of these HONEST UPSTANDING scientists you talk to, is responsible for 60-80% of the alleged GreenHouse gas atmospheric effects.


    Go ahead and stop driving. It will bring down the price of gas for the rest of us!!


  19. Ted Puryear says:

    I just read your article Must Read Bali Climate Declaration by Scientists and I am stunned by the list of scientists. Dr of what, Researcher of what, Professor of what…..

    I am having an exchange with a friend re warming. She sent me Fred Steiz’s list of 31000 scientists as support for her argument disagreeing with the theory of human caused global warming. The list was full of MDs and PHDs with no field of expertise. I suspect you are familiar with his petition. The list you site is no better. You’re not helping your cause with this lack of credible sources. I was a believer in human caused global warming but the more I read the the more I doubt the case –