EVS23: The times they are a changin’

IEEE Tech Talk’s John Voelker’s report is titled EVS-23: A Surge of Energy for Electric Cars. It is a first comment on the palpable difference being experienced at this year’s Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS23), the electric drive industry trade show.

An astounding 450 people attended Sunday’s plug-in hybrid workshop. A member of congress, for the first time, spoke from the floor about promoting electric vehicles through federal legislation. Five major automakers have expensive displays. Voelker writes:

A year ago, the Chevrolet Volt was unknown……The demand for plug-in hybrids has exploded…..grumbled the City of Vancouver’s Brian Beck, “I’m ready to change the building code to require electric plugs throughout parking garages, but automakers tell me I can’t get their plug-in prototypes…

Still no plug-in hybrids or electric cars in showrooms, but things are looking up.

— Marc G.

3 Responses to EVS23: The times they are a changin’

  1. I happen to be an inventor working for twelve years on a project of EV concept vehicles in many segments using good ol’ lead acid cells and reach highway speeds with no sweat. It was considered technically feasible by a panel of experts of DOE’s FreedomCAR and Advanced Vehicles Technologies and many engineers now working for the big three in Detroit. Result: It didn’t get nowhere as most, if not all, EV projects will.

    It is like rowing a small boat upstream on the Amazon (Oil) river.

    Who cares about the future generations…we live our lives now…quit rowing.

    Too bad.


  2. I’ll pick a better planet next time.