Hurricane season not quite over yet

olga-3.jpegThis hurricane season may have surprised the experts by only being “average.” But it ain’t over yet! Well, officially it ended two weeks ago, but don’t tell that to Mother Nature:

Tropical Storm Olga triggered floods and landslides in this Caribbean nation Wednesday, killing at least eight people in the Dominican Republic and in Puerto Rico and forcing thousands to flee their homes.

You can read more about Olga here.

One Response to Hurricane season not quite over yet

  1. john says:

    As you noted in earlier posts, Joe, there is “average” in terms of number of hurricanes and then there is “average” in terms of storm intensity.

    And this year has been anything but average in terms of intensity. With two class Vs and the fastest class V in recored history, it has, in fact, tied one record and set another in terms of intensity.

    And most projections about the effect of global warming on hurricanes have foucsed on storm intensity, not the number of storms.

    Just thought it was important to raise this disinction before some denier seizes on the statements here and says they disaprove global warming modeling or some such stretch.