EPA Says No: Dems Get Rolled Again

It took less than 12 hours.

The Democrats got rolled again.

Bush started the day signing the energy bill that Nancy Pelosi called “earth-shattering change in terms of energy policy” and Sierra Club’s Carl Pope said “is a clean break with the failed energy policies of the past and puts us on the path toward a cleaner, greener energy future.” To get a bill the president would sign, out dropped any challenge to big oil’s obscene profits, a national renewable electricity standard, overwhelmingly popular wind and solar tax credits, and plug-in hybrid credits that might truly jumpstart an alternative automotive future.

They decided passing an energy bill and raising CAFE standards was worth any price. And now they’ve paid it.

They don’t know how to lose with dignity and purpose. They could have done a bill, with solar and wind and RPS and plug-in credits and taxes on oil companies to pay for and seen it vetoed. Then when Bush had the EPA kill the CO2 waiver too he’d have looked like the enviro monster he is. Now he disingenuously argues the energy bill provided a 50 state solution, not a patchwork, as the automakers like to say.

So now we have a do-little energy bill and years more litigation.

— Marc G. of Plugs and Cars Blog

4 Responses to EPA Says No: Dems Get Rolled Again

  1. Lou Grinzo says:

    Very well said, Marc.

    The surest, swiftest path to a solution for our energy and environmental problems is the ballot box.

  2. John Mashey says:

    To add insult to injury, the 17 states (CA + NY +…) pay a lot of the bills, and this is what we get.

    From:, we find that in 2000 (last year I could find):

    In $Millions, i.e., the first # is $1.977T
    $1,977,113 all states sent to Washington
    $1,687,116 all states got back
    -$ 289,997 net balance for all states

    -$ 202,814 net deficit for those 17 states
    $1,006,305 17 states sent to Washington

    Thus, the 17 states paid more than half of the taxes, and in fact, paid 70% of the money that didn’t come back. Hmmm.

  3. Jay Alt says:

    I am confused about your take on proposals in the 110th. Sure the House bill had those things – CAFE, silly ethanol, renewables, cutting fossil tax breaks and Renewable Portfolio Standards.

    It turned out there was no chance of such a great bill (including the last 3 items) being vetoed – it never cleared the Senate. Something is better than nothing. Politicians are just learning how to discuss these issues. They’ll be back back , because voters are gonna remind them at every turn.

  4. David B. Benson says:

    Every turn. Every day.