What does this say about Climate Progress readers?

So I was checking my web stats in preparation for my annual report, and what day do you think saw the most number of visits (5012) to this website in the past 4 months?

Hint: It was this month.

Second hint: It had nothing to do with what I posted that day — since I didn’t actually post anything that day!

Yes, Christmas Day.

Not sure what that means — I did think I might get some readers, so I put up a couple of interesting posts on the 24th.

Thoughts/interpretations/snarky comments are, as always, welcome.

(I will try to post something interesting on New Year’s Day for readers taking it easy after a hard-partying night.)

4 Responses to What does this say about Climate Progress readers?

  1. trucker says:


  2. What are you counting? I had higher than double traffic on the 25th and 26th on my webhost statistics, that also had nothing to do with posts, but not reflected on site meter or feedburner. This seems to happen about once or twice a month recently, so my best guess is something cyclic in spam comment bots – since they don’t actually click on the page itself.

  3. Joe says:

    This is awstats total visits (not unique visitors or page views). I don’t have site meter or feedburner set up yet — though I’ve been asking for month.

    That said, the ever unreliable Alexa shows a mini-surge in readership in the last few days. My 26th was normal. My pageviews over Thanksgiving, however, were through the roof, though visits were not. The whole stats thing seems to me a very questionable exercise.

  4. Albert says:

    To put a good spin on it, let’s say that your regular readers were sharing the web site at family gatherings.