Iowa: It’s Huckabee and Obama

One of them is great on climate, the other, not so much.

3 Responses to Iowa: It’s Huckabee and Obama

  1. D-pop says:

    I hate to say it but the Democrats don’t have much this year to inspire the voters. They should just do rock-scissors-paper and get it over with.

    On the Republican side dont despair over Huckabee. He hasnt said much on the environment yet, but he will. There is a groundswell coming from within the the evangelical churches and he will get caught up in it. Mark my words. He is not afraid to raise taxes or do some social engineering. He will be the next president.

    I once dreamed of a Gore/Nader or Nader/Gore ticket tho …..sigh

  2. Eric Roston says:

    I heard Huckabee on the radio last week talking about global warming. At first he didn’t answer the question, going off on a long diversion of some sort, about private versus public education. Then, to his credit, he felt the responsibility to come back and answer the question which was, paraphrasing: If this is the way that nature changes then we should probably just let nature be. That didn’t instill confidence in me that he has the slightest idea what’s going on.

  3. robert says:


    DeSmog Blog has a different take on Obama:

    Do you have thoughts on their reservations…