Climate Progress Report 2007: Traffic statistics

thank-you.jpgA lot of blogs publish their stats, and since I am preparing a 2007 report for the powers that be, I thought I would share the numbers with you. I also wanted to thank all of you for reading the blog and especially thank the regular commenters for the stimulating discussion.

Last year was an amazing one for Climate Progress. Visits increased each month. Monthly unique visitors rose from 4,800 in January to 53,000 (!) in December. Monthly total visits rose from 13,000 in January to 110,000 in December. Monthly page views — the stat that means the most to me — rose from 44,000 in January to 422,000 (!) in December. (Google Analytics typically gives 20% to 30% higher page views for CP per day, but I’ll stick with my web stats for now.)

Total visits for the year came to 650,000 and total page views came to over 2,000,000.

My Technorati rank is 10,000 — down from 16,000 at the end of August. Technorati ranks all blogs by “authority” (the number of blogs linking to it in the past 6 months). The lower the rank the better.

The website that gives me the most links is, with almost 18,000. So thank you to everyone who uses the “Share This” to recommend me to that website.

The most widely read post written in 2007 was Must read from Hansen: Stop the madness about the tiny revision in NASA’s temperature data! It ended up with 17,000 views, 39 blog links, and 113 comments. The most widely commented upon post, however, was the recent Inhofe recycles unscientific attacks on global warming, NYT’s Revkin gives him a pass, with 8300 views, 24 links, and 168 comments. Keep those comments coming in 2008!

My intention is to focus a bit more on climate solutions in 2008, though somehow I suspect politics will be in the news also, and the fight against the science deniers never ends….

One Response to Climate Progress Report 2007: Traffic statistics

  1. Shannon says:

    Thanks for publishing these stats. I often wonder how my site compares to other global warming blogs out there in terms of readership- I’ve got about 4% of the readership that Climate Progress has and also increased readership last year by an order of magnitude. Keep up the good work! I love your blog and get a lot of ideas in my head from it (for example, I have mostly given up on hydrogen fuel and am now looking at plug-in hybrids as the next big thing, due to your influence.)