Kudos to DeSmogBlog

After some encouragement, they apologized to Sen. Obama (D-IL):

We at the DeSmogBlog would like to acknowledge a mistake in “awarding” presidential hopeful Barack Obama a 2007 SmogMaker prize for his position on global warming.

Many others besides Climate Progress had chimed in:

Mooney, author of The Republican War on Science and the most recent Stormworld, Hurricanes, Politics and the Battle Over Global Warming, said: “There remains a huge gap between what is scientifically and climatically necessary on global warming, and what is politically feasible in the US. So no sane candidate is going to be able to completely satisfy environmental interests right now. … I think it’s a mistake to therefore attack the candidates who take the problem seriously as they try to walk this difficult line.”

Ross Gelbspan, whose defining books Boiling Point and The Heat is On were a big part of the inspiration for starting the DeSmogBlog, also spoke up for Obama’s position: “I think he’s made a giant step for a politician, given that he comes from a coal state, in backing off his unqualified support of CCS (carbon capture and storage) and other coal technologies. Initially, he was pushing coal. After the environmentalists talked to him, he strongly qualified his approach — supporting only proven CCS technology. That means the guy can listen — and can change his position according to what he learns.”

We all make mistakes, especially in new media like the blogosphere. The question is, what do you do once you realize you’ve made one? Apologize , learn from it, and move on.

DeSmogBlog remains one of the top climate blogs and a must read for those interested in clearing up the fog of the global warming delayers and deniers (before the harsh reality of global warming burns it off forever).

3 Responses to Kudos to DeSmogBlog

  1. D-pop says:

    Its all very nice that you have kissed and made up, but the real question is whether Obama’s plan or any other will acyually work to reduce CO2 to the level needed to halt global warming and keep us at that level.

    The plan is good but will it work in practice? can it be done in todays political climate? we all know the answer to that is probably not.

    And we dont have the time to screw around. Action must be taken NOW. It may already be too late.

    I have posted my ideas. We need rationing. We need government control not just suggested reductions and more politics. Why wont any of you at least comment on what i have said? Do you or do you not agree that time is very very short on this and we may in fact have already passed the tipping point? You can make a career out of telling people what they want to hear but its time to tell people what has to be done and then do it.

  2. D-pop says:

    and what about other countries? Like china for example. If other countries wont go along with what must happen then we should enact stiff import penalties on any good s from there. A “treaty” is not going to do it.

  3. Ronald says:

    I agree with what you wrote, for whatever that means. We are way to far behind doing the good thing, it’s sad. We should have started back in 1988 when we had the first warnings from those is science. (James Hansen)

    But the psychology of humans is such that we don’t have the imagination as a people to think that far ahead unless you thought about the problem enough. We humans can do the right thing if we think about what the right thing is enough, but the average person is just not somebody who thinks about problems that exist in the future when they may have problems with having enough for themselves and their families.

    What can be learned with terrorism and what we did with that. We had repeated warnings but we maybe didn’t do enough. Which isn’t a complaint on who was in the executive office, how many congressional hearings were there on the problem. Hearings are the proper role of the legislative branch if they don’t think enough is being done in the executive, and they were silent on this issue, to much time on other issues.

    Not enough people think global warming is an important issue to work on now. That’s the problem. A problem that sneeks up on you is harder than one that hits you with a 2X4. There is not enough political support yet for the more visual, more effective methods of dealing with the problem, we only can get passed the things that don’t affect people directly.

    Politics is the ‘art of doing the possible.’ Sometimes all we can do is the possible, not the good or the needed. We have to push and pull the politics to do the good and the needed.