Next November, Inhofe Could Be Outhofe

This time of year, it’s easy to get caught up in the presidential race and overlook the state elections for the U.S. House and Senate. But that level of scrutiny will come with time, as Republicans are likely to campaign hard to win back the number of seats they lost last November. Or be campaigned against, as Democrat Andrew Rice has set out to do against Senator James Inhofe (R) in Oklahoma. Be sure to catch Grist’s interview with Rice, posted here.

Sen. Inhofe is without a doubt the individual in Congress most detrimental to progress on global warming. He delays and denies – calling global warming a hoax – and relentlessly distracts the legislative process from advancing.

Rice couldn’t have more different priorities on the environment. In his interview, he discusses:

  • Wind energy to match its potential in Oklahoma.
  • The extreme drought and floods that have struck Oklahoma, in the context of global warming’s possible effect.
  • His intention to team with ‘creation care’ activists and evangelicals.
  • And his support for the Lieberman-Warner bill as a first step to dealing with global warming.
  • Rice currently serves in the state senate and has introduced bills on alternative fuel for the state’s automobile fleet and the state of energy efficiency in public buildings.

    In general, his vision for Oklahoma is a world away from Inhofe’s, and if Oklahomans are interested in saving their climate while creating clean energy jobs, Sen. Inhofe may have a run for his gas and oil money this election.

    — Kari M.

    3 Responses to Next November, Inhofe Could Be Outhofe

    1. Shannon says:

      If Inhofe is out, does that Mean Marc Morano will stop sending me inane emails about how global warming is a hoax? Hello Andrew Rice, my new best friend!

    2. John Mashey says:

      Well, Iit seems likely that Marc would find some new home (the way Rob Ferguson did in starting SPPI), but at least the email wouldn’t look like it was coming from the Senate…