Latest eco-buzzword: “Green-collar” jobs

greenlanternrebirth6.jpgThe Washington Post has a good article today on the explosion in the use of the term “green-collar” jobs. You will no doubt be hearing much more of term since it is a favorite of Clinton and Edwards; Climate Progress and the Center for American Progress are on the bandwagon; and even the super trend-spotting Tom Friedman has glommed onto it.

No, it’s not a perfect term. G-C jobs — my effort to coin the ultimate eco-buzzword — won’t get you a green uniform and green power-ring like the Green Lantern Corps, although you will, coincidentally enough, be promoting green power. As the Post notes:

… while white-collar and blue-collar bring distinctive images to mind — the mutual fund manager screaming into his BlackBerry, the coal miner coming home, coughing from a long day — such iconic imagery is hard to find with the green-collar worker.

Still, the term, popularized by social activists like Van Jones of the Ella Baker Center, does have a powerful ring to it [sorry about that], so I expect it will be around for a while. Climate Progress will try to limit use to, say, once a month.

2 Responses to Latest eco-buzzword: “Green-collar” jobs

  1. Jim Pierobon says:

    Joe and our fellow readers/bloggers:

    Has anybody reviewed the sponsorships of all the debates thus far and compared the questions and the sponsors involved? We might find some illuminating ties that deserve to be vetted and, if warranted, written about.

  2. Hank R. says:

    Regarding Jim’s request, I remember commenting to my wife during the debate that while “green-collar jobs” came up early in the discussion of economic solutions (where it does indeed belong), there was no further mention of energy, global warming or anything related to it.

    The idea this was pre-ordained is unsettling except that:

    In today’s world where email evidence is conveniently erased by this administration and no one does anything about and worse, no one even EXPECTS anyone to do anything about it at this point, the advent of coal industry sponsored debates that limit free speech is just another indicator of danger to our society.

    Regarding the Green Collar language, “such iconic imagery is hard to find with the green-collar worker.”..,

    I’ll offer the Lester Brown 3.0 vision…that of a 1942 style reorganization of Detroit in terms of both Plug in hybrids and wind turbines. Keep in mind the indicator of the seriousness of that effort was the ban on “normal” automobile manufacturing.