Climate Progress in radio debate today at noon

Or, actually, 12:07 PM EST.

You can listen live at and then click on “Listen Live” near “Hot Talk” (upper right hand corner).

I will be debating the Competitive Enterprise Institute on the mandates for CFL lightbulbs in the recently passed energy bill:

Lamp Efficiency Standards. The bill sets lamp efficiency standards for common light bulbs, requiring them to use about 20-30% less energy than present incandescent bulbs by 2012-2014 (phasing in over several years) and requiring a DOE rulemaking to set standards that will reduce energy use to no more than about 65% of current lamp use by 2020. The initial targets can be met by advanced incandescent lamps the major manufacturers are just introducing to the market using halogen capsules with infrared reflective coatings. The longer-term targets will likely be met by compact fluorescent lamps and other advanced technologies such as light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and very advanced incandescent lamps now in development.

Should be fun!

4 Responses to Climate Progress in radio debate today at noon

  1. Earl Killian says:

    What argument could the Competitive Enterprise Institute use? Being against efficiency is like being against motherhood…

  2. David B. Benson says:

    Do we get to see your review of this ‘debate’?

    I hope you gave them h**l and sent them to the hottest levels of it…

  3. Andrew says:

    Where can we find a recording?

  4. Jay Alt says:

    Joe –
    Along the same lines, I caught the last half of your webcast from the Green Building Conference.

    And it made we wish I’d heard the first part, even though I’ve read everything here.
    I suggested that to GBC to no avail. Their site has other speakers archived.
    And I don’t recall seeing any video with yours. But even an archive of just the audio would be worthwhile here.