Hansen: The Shadow on American Democracy

Next month, our nation’s top climate scientist is receiving the Award for Scientific Freedom and Responsibility from the AAAS, the world’s largest general scientific society. The award is very well deserved.

Hansen has just released a long discussion of the sad state of scientific freedom in the Bush era. It begins:

I just did an interview with CNN (Miles O’Brien) re “censoring science”. The point I emphasized is that overreaching by the Executive Branch, trying to make government science submit to political command and control, is a threat to our democracy, and, as a result, a threat to the planet. The scary part about this story is that seeds have been sown, and a playbook has been codified (although not written!), that will make the situation much worse unless the American public recognizes the problem and makes an issue of it. This is a bi-partisan problem — and neither party is trying to fix it. It is remarkable how wimpish Congress has become in accepting subjugation to the Executive Branch, contrary to designs and intents of our Founding Fathers.

You can say that again, Jim! Congrats on the award and please keep speaking out, showing all of us what true straight talk is.


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