Looks like McCain will take the GOP nomination

mccain-clinton190.jpgCertainly that’s how Intrade bettors see it. They also think Hillary is the 2-to-1 favorite for the Democratic nod.

Not sure why McCain is only a 1-in-3 shot for winning the White House. That looks like a good bet to me — not that I’m a betting person….

If Dems are smart, they’ll make climate a big issue in the general. Not sure they are that smart, though. I’ll blog on this later.

McCain would almost certainly push some serious action on climate change. Yes, he’s been going a bit wobbly of late and he thinks nuclear power can do more than in fact it can — and he certainly wouldn’t be as good on the issue as Clinton or Obama — but this still represents a huge leap forward for the climate.

One Response to Looks like McCain will take the GOP nomination

  1. John L. McCormick says:

    Joe, watch for a McCain-Lieberman campaign after the convention.

    John L. McCormick