Trouble at EV-maker Tesla

tesla.jpgEvworld has a very good article on the recent purge bloodbath personnel turmoil at start up electric vehicle company, Tesla motors:

On January 10, 2008, the Tesla Founders Blog published a list of employees who had recently been terminated from Tesla. This list included multiple vice presidents, lead engineers, and a variety of other folks from all areas of the Tesla organization. The blogosphere erupted in speculation about the future of the company.

Always worth remembering that good technology does not make a successful company — good people do.

3 Responses to Trouble at EV-maker Tesla

  1. Daniel Bell says:

    Pretty interesting, perhaps they’re trying to get on top of their own message by giving bloggers access to the car and making claims that production is about to start. See this:

  2. DC says:

    It is a lot easier for Toyota or Honda to produce an electric plug-in sedan than any start up. simply because they already got all the vital supporting systems in place. To be more than a bling novelty item Tesla has to figure out all sorts of things beyond just design and production including: testing (e.g, crash, hot & cold test), certification, distribution, sales and delivery process (not so simple), service & parts (who will fix these things), warranty, etc.
    These are huge fixed costs and required investments that are going to be spread over a low volume. I’d bet Tesla goes under with the first model. The sedan is out of the question. That is a $500 million+ engineering project if they do it on the cheap.
    Toyota, Honda, or GM can pass Tesla up an anytime they want to. GM has already done this car with the EV1 in the 1990s.

  3. John Mashey says:

    Much as I hope Tesla succeeds, I have concerns similar to DC’s, driven by experience in the microprocessor and computer business, i.e., Volume Counts.

    On the other hand, in those businesses, there have been many things done as uphill fights by small companies that:
    – stirred up incumbents to move faster
    – created approaches that got copied or bought by the incumbents

    And one can hope that similar effects can operate here, at least occasionally. I used to help sell workstations and supercomputers to auto companies, and know there are a lot of engineers, at least, out there eager to do Good Things.