BMW Hammers One More Nail in Hydrogen Coffin

Even as BMW clean car honchos tour the globe with the Hydrogen 7, the German automaker could be coming to terms with reality. According to Drive, an Australian magazine

The head of BMW’s clean-energy technology, Jochen Schmalholz, says hydrogen-powered cars are still 15 to 20 years away from being on the road “in significant numbers” and revealed the German maker is also working on an electric vehicle.

With only 5 liquid hydrogen filling stations in the world available to fuel the 100 Hydrogen 7s – “Distribution is the biggest hurdle to the hydrogen car,” Schmalholz says – it could be dawning on BMW that it would be better to develop cars for the electric infrastructure already in place around the world.

He says BMW is also working on an electric car but a decision on production is yet to be made.

“We will only bring this [electric car] if it makes sense,” he says. “At the moment we are not really convinced it will work for BMW. But if it makes commercial sense and it makes sense to our customers, then we will do it.”

Let BMW know.

— Marc G: Plugs and Cars Blog

5 Responses to BMW Hammers One More Nail in Hydrogen Coffin

  1. Cyrus Murphy says:

    Ha.. I’m glad to see BMW open their eyes… and realize the fundamental infrastructure is already in place for hybrid electric cars. Just add a few large batteries or capacitors to each station for high-peak times… and voila! Rather than starting from scratch by developing a prohibitively expensive hydrogen distribution infrastructure and storage system across the country (and let’s not even talk about the high costs of making hydrogen and the efficiency loss of converting original hydrogen source to energy in motion.)

    Hopefully more people will see where the real potential is..

  2. Sorghum Crow says:

    I expect a news release any day now announcing a revolutionary Hydrogen car that will also run, (gasp), on gasoline….

  3. Ancil says:

    Earlier this year, a half-hour mockumentary about a small Bavarian town’s attempt to catapult a BMW car from Germany to the U.S. via a giant ramp garnered positive buzz from auto and pop-culture blogs. Yet rather than soak up the glory, BMW spent weeks refusing to claim the short film for what it was — a viral-marketing campaign created by the company’s ad agency, GSD&M Idea City.

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  4. just watching says:

    The electric grid in the U.S. can barely support our air conditioners on a hot summer day so it sure as hell can’t support 50 million electric autos recharging every day. We better start getting our domestic energy act together right now or this country is going to fail in the next 5 years!
    More study will not change the facts! We need to get at the real sweat work.

  5. Michael F. Sarabia says:

    BMW may be making the right commercial decision. No Hydrogen supply, no hydrogen car, makes sense.
    But, they did solve the problem of Hydrogen storage using nano technology and their BMW7 engine is able to switch anytime between gasoline and hydrogen.
    If the terminals materialize, watch out for the next Hydrogen Option in BMW7, in a few years!