There will be Oil

Anyone interested in oil should see There will be Blood, since it is a great film that tells a fascinating and detailed story of the early days of the oil industry in California.


Okay, it’s Oscar week. I try to see all the Best Picture nominees, which is much tougher now that I have a one-year-old daughter. I missed Atonement [so far], but my wife read the book, so half credit. And lord knows after seeing No Country for Old Men, I don’t need to see another downbeat movie — uhh, sorry for the spoiler but if you thought a movie titled No Country for Old Men (or Atonement) was upbeat, you get out even less than I do these days.

oil1.jpgI don’t think “There will be Blood” is the best picture of the year — but it is very good. Certainly the performance by Daniel Day-Lewis should take the Oscar, and the cinematography and music are fantastic.

But as a depiction of the grueling work of producing oil, it has no equal. Assuming you’ve read The Prize by Daniel Yergin, this is a must see. Just leave five minutes before the end and you’ll be happy….

2 Responses to There will be Oil

  1. Ben says:

    The last five minutes was the best part, dawg. You can’t skip the scene that brings the whole movie together and benefit.

  2. Willem van Oranje says:

    Atonement in general is worthwile to watch, allthough there are several moments in the movie where I thought: “Ah, they’re shamelessly trying to win the Oscar for Cinematography”.