Mary Matalin calls global warming “a largely unscientific hoax”

matalin.jpgThe conservative operative and wife of James Carville explained on CNN today why conservatives don’t like McCain’s views on global warming: It’s “a largely unscientific hoax.” Oh, well, then never mind.

Her husband takes a different view (duh): “What we need to do, as a party, is try our best to focus on those two issues, energy independence and global warming, above the other environmental and energy issues out there.”

So to him, global warming is the top environmental issue. To her it is a hoax. If they can be married, why can’t the Sunnis and Shiites live in harmony???

10 Responses to Mary Matalin calls global warming “a largely unscientific hoax”

  1. RhapsodyInGlue says:

    I suspect the key to the marriage is that neither one of them has beliefs in any sense of the word that others might associate with. They are both political operatives and as such have positions… positions they are highly paid to market. I could be horribly wrong, but I’m guessing neither of them is a whiz at science.

  2. Ronald says:

    I’m going around a little on why global warming isn’t a ‘scientific hoax’ instead of an ‘unscientific hoax.’ Are these climatologists ‘unscientists?’

  3. Paul K says:

    Every lid has a jar.

  4. David B. Benson says:

    Ronald — Because as unscience it is a hoax. As opposed to what is it as a science.


  5. Ronald says:

    thanks, yah, that helped.

  6. Eric R says:

    I always wonder why people who think global warming is a scientific hoax never have any explanation for why thousands of scientists would get together to perform such a hoax. Same thing with evolution. Someone please explain to me the benefit of fooling everybody?

  7. steve says:

    one word: FUNDING.

    scientists who deny global warming find themselves unable to raise money for research. Global Warming is nothing like evolution which has a strong basis in fact based on the fossil record. The only thing we know about global climate — based on fossil records and proxy data — is that the climate is always changing.

  8. Steve says:

    In my experience, scientists who deny global warming aren’t very bright.

  9. Eric says:

    Whoops, input Steve’s name instead of my own there. I turned in a 600-page manuscript the other day and my brain hasn’t quite recovered. Eric

  10. KELLI2L says:

    I must say that I wouldn’t worry much about what Mary says since she believed in, and fully backed our present president (GWB). However, she did have enough sense to marry the man who was instumental in electing Bill Clinton and that’s one plus for her, IMO.