OT: CAP Trade

OK — I stole that headline from The New Republic. This piece really has nothing to do with global warming. It is sort of about “How Hillary’s think tank went for Obama.”

I thought readers might like to see a cute piece on the nonpartisan Center for American Progress (CAP) that happens to mention my name because I am a senior fellow who happened to work for the Clinton administration, and many people are operating under the severe misimpression that CAP is somehow “an unofficial outpost of Team Hillary.” Yes, as TNR points out, the place is run by Bill’s former Chief of Staff, John Podesta, and it has a “swarm of Clinton administration refugees” but policy think tanks like to have people with executive branch experience, and Clinton was the only Democratic administration for a very long time.

I for one never met Hillary or Bill during my five years at the Department of Energy and think it exceedingly unlikely that I would ever work for the federal government again.

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