Blocking State Leadership on Global Warming

epa-johnson.jpgLast week, EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson published the official explanation of his decision to deny a waiver of preemption for California’s program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles. Robert Sussman, Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress, has a very good discussion of the misguided reasoning Johnson uses. The bottom line:

The role of state programs under a comprehensive climate change framework may be a legitimate subject for debate by Congress as it writes legislation. But Johnson’s job wasn’t to make policy judgments that belong to Congress. It was to apply the law. He failed in that responsibility. Although his decision will probably be undone, it will regrettably divert precious time and energy from the urgent task of slowing global warming.

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2 Responses to Blocking State Leadership on Global Warming

  1. danny bloom says:

    Should Dr Johnson be a new nominee for these Vaclav Klaus Climate Joke Awards? Sounds like it.

  2. Mauri Pelto says:

    Sussman provides the details to this case on why California will win in the long run. If you are California do you pursue this vigorously now and have it drag in the courts, or do you wait 12 months until you have a new EPA administrator and ask for consideration again? It is interesting that the current administration likes local choice and control when it comes to schools or National Forest Service management etc., but not when it comes to enviornmental protection.