McCain Takes A Small Step Toward Bush, But One ‘Quantum Leap Toward Sanity’ For Joe Klein

At the Swampland blog, Joe Klein praised Sen. McCain’s foreign policy speech today as “a quantum leap toward sanity and away from the prevailing idiocy of the Bush Administration,” singling out the passage below:

There is such a thing as international good citizenship. We need to be good stewards of our planet and join with other nations to help preserve our common home. The risks of global warming have no borders. We and the other nations of the world must get serious about substantially reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the coming years or we will hand off a much-diminished world to our grandchildren. We need a successor to the Kyoto Treaty, a cap-and-trade system that delivers the necessary environmental impact in an economically responsible manner. We Americans must lead by example and encourage the participation of the rest of the world, including most importantly, the developing economic powerhouses of China and India.

Klein evidently did not hear Bush when he addressed the Washington International Renewable Energy Conference three weeks ago:

[L]isten, let me start first by telling you that America has got to change its habits. . . But we’re dependent upon oil, and so as our economy grows, it’s going to create more demand for oil — same with China, same with India, same with other growing countries. . . I’ve come today to tell you that America is the kind of country that when they see a problem, we address it head-on. I’ve set a great goal for our country, and that is to reduce our dependence on oil by investing in technologies that will produce abundant supplies of clean and renewable energy, and at the same time show the world that we’re good stewards of the environment. . . . The United States is serious about confronting climate change, and the strategies I just laid out for you are an integral part of dealing with climate change. Should there be an international agreement? Yes, there should be, and we support it.

In the strict physical sense of a “quantum leap,” Joe Klein is quite accurate. McCain’s words represent a shift of infinitesimal scale from Bush’s own.

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