March 29, 8 pm – Earth Hour

Tomorrow, a handful of cities across the country will be participating in Earth Hour – a campaign to turn out the lights for an hour.

The event is to take place March 29th at 8 pm (your time). The objective is to raise awareness, use a bit less energy, and show the difference that could be made by simply turning out the lights. (And if you’re not sure what to do with the lights out, they’ve got ideas on their website.)

Like other critical mass events, if enough people particicpate, their statement could be huge. Worldwide, it probably will be – the event started in Sydney and spread to an internatinoal scale in one year. City-specific, it will be interesting to see how dramatic the difference is.

Loads of energy will be saved, even in just that hour. To sign up to participate, and make the change that much bigger, head over to their webpage. Over 245,000 have agreed to turn their lights out, and counting.

Next year, they should do this on March 21 — then it would be 3-2-1-Lights Out.

— Kari Manlove

5 Responses to March 29, 8 pm – Earth Hour

  1. ScruffyDan says:

    Earth hour… or as as deniers like to call it “soft fasicsm” No I am not making this up, though I wish I were.

  2. Nylo says:

    How was it in the USA? I saw the graphs in Spain. Electricity consumption was higher than the average for that time of the day on March 29 at 8 pm. No matter what people say when asked, nobody cares about climate change. There’s a lot of just political correctness on this issue. People are skeptical, and the way climate scientists are managing the topic is the main cause. They’re losing credibility. I wonder if they will ever recover it, after it becomes clear that we have entered a new cooling trend, i.e. after the next 2 years.

  3. Kristy W. says:

    I think its kind of ironic that the AGW alarmists along with the environmental “Earth Day/hour”activists such as Gore and the like choose to use the term “deniers”, with its connotations to “Holocaust deniers” to disparage those who do not accept the current AGW hypothesis. It is these same environmental fear-mongers who brought about the 1972 ban on DDT, which resulted in one of the greatest “holocausts” in history. Tens of millions of people died worldwide (a great percentage children) as a result of the skyrocketing cases of malaria that followed the ban of DDT, which was used as a safe and effective control for mosquitoes that transmitted the disease. It is equally ironic that people such as Grist Magazine staff writer David Roberts in 2006 called for “Nuremburg”style trials for the “bast***s” who are part of the “denial” industry. Just who are the greater criminals?

    The World Health Organization finally saw the light in 2006 and repealed the ban, but the horrific damage was done. So, think twice when using the term “denier”.

  4. Joe says:

    Not sure what DDT has to do with AGW.
    Nor is your version of the DDT story accurate. But since it is not relevant to AGW, I’m not going to waste time debunking it. You might try:

  5. söve says:

    People are skeptical, and the way climate scientists are managing the topic is the main cause. boya