Even the AP mocks Bush’s energy remarks

They titled their piece, “Bush rhetoric on energy strays from the facts.” Some people might call that making stuff up, but who can complain about a story that begins:

President Bush put politics ahead of the facts Tuesday as he sought to blame Congress for high energy prices, saying foreign suppliers are pumping just about all the oil they can and accusing lawmakers of blocking new refineries.

Bush renewed his call for drilling in an Arctic wildlife refuge, but his own Energy Department says that would have little impact on gasoline prices.

And then goes on to compare Bush’s “spin” with the facts. Kudos to AP’s H. Josef Hebert, who has been at this game a long time.

2 Responses to Even the AP mocks Bush’s energy remarks

  1. Harold Pierce Jr says:

    Hello Joe!

    You very well know that ultimately the Congress determines what gets done and what doesn’t get done, and in particular, if the Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee doesn’t want something to get done, then it won’t get done.

    Presidents come and go, but nowadays there are an awful lot of Congressmen and Senators who are permenant residents of Capitol Building. And if something is not of personal benefit to a Congreessmen or Senator and their constituents, then it doesn’t get done.

  2. caw says:

    No-not kudos. The AP is supposed to be an un-biased source of information. This is not unbiased, no matter how true you think it is. If there are other opinions out there, and the AP is reporting only one, then the AP is not doing its job. Learn to respect disagreement.