New U.S.-Canada MOU on polar bear conservation never mentions sea ice or climate change

UPDATE — This MOU’s lame language is completely inconsistent with the Secretary Kempthorne’s announcement today (see here). I guess that is another symptom of bye-polar disorder.


Pity the poor polar bear. Two of the governments who should be most concerned about the survival of the species just signed a pointless “Memorandum of Understanding between Environment Canada and the United States Department of the Interior for the conservation and management of shared polar bear populations.

As you can see, this high-level May 8 MOU says its purpose is

to provide a framework for the development and implementation of mutually agreeable immediate, interim and long-term actions that focus on specific components of polar bear conservation.

And the MOU says that a key goal is

working to identify key polar bear habitats and developing recommendations for habitat conservation measures.

As we used to say in third grade,

“Ooh, pick me, pick me. I know, I know. I know the key habitat we need to conserve and how we could do that — although it would require reversing every single one of the administration’ energy and climate policies…”

[All right, maybe we weren’t that precocious in third grade, but then I doubt any third-graders would have bothered with an MOU on this subject that doesn’t mention sea ice or climate change.]

Sad. With Kempthorne’s signature on this new MOU, it doesn’t look good for Ursus maritimus. Bring on the Grolar Bears!

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2 Responses to New U.S.-Canada MOU on polar bear conservation never mentions sea ice or climate change

  1. Mike says:

    Admittedly the declaration is weak in substance, but ultimately the publicity that has been generated by the announcement is surely beneficial towards promulgating the plight of polar bears to the world at large.

    The fact that this was a US policy dictates by nature that there will be worldwide scrutiny so even if the policy itself makes no substantive difference, I would hope that people at least have a greater awareness of the threat that these wonderful creatures are under and take steps to do something about it in their own way.

  2. John Hollenberg says:

    Looks like that polar bears tongue is turning blue from lack of oxygen/buildup of CO2. Either he has COPD, or there is a new illness we can attribute to global warming :-)

    Great photo!