The Coal Calm in Kansas, for now

Ever since the Kansas House failed to override Governor Sebelius’ veto of two coal plants, the state’s chambers have fallen quiet. Not because the issue is dead; but the actors are laying low, reflecting, and figuring out their next move.

In the meantime, persona speculation is rampant. There is talk of the Governor’s potential as a running mate for Obama, should he be declared the Democrat nominee.

On the other side of things, there’s rumbling of Kansas Speaker Melvin Neufield’s utter disappointment to his party to deliver the votes to override Sebelius’ veto. My question for those critics is – to what extent did he fail because the coal plants are just bad ideas in and of themselves, and people finally recognized that? I’d argue that it is slightly erroneous to place full blame on the politician and miss an acknowledgment of how doomed the actual policy is/would be, regardless.

You’d think a victory would or could being declared, with Sebelius’ potential career climb versus Speaker Neufield falling under scrutiny, but we’re far from that. In the crazy whirl of legislative and override attempts, there were three pieces of legislation introduced, and one has yet to cross the Governor’s desk or pass through the legislature, which it will do May 29th.

In other words, this calm after the storm is a decoy – it’s real, and the lobbyists are out in full force, though quiet. Stay tuned.

In the mean time, check out what the local non-profit Renew Missouri has been up to in Kansas’ other neighboring state (i.e. not Colorada, but for those in and around Kansas City) – 170,000 signatures for a ballot initiative for a Renewable Energy Standard in Missouri!

4 Responses to The Coal Calm in Kansas, for now

  1. Ronald says:

    Democratic Vice Presidential candidates huh.

    I don’t know all that much about who is available, but my choice to run with Obama is Jim Webb, Senator from Virginia. Here’s his bio.

    Former Secretary of the Navy under Reagan and a good speaker. Would give some immediate defense credit to Obama. I haven’t any idea if he would want it.

  2. Ronald says:

    This comment doesn’t fit with this story, but might be of some interest.

    A new coal plant that the powers that be were to build in South Dakota and half of the electricity was to be used in Minnesota, might not be built after all. The coal plant might be stopped at the power line permits for Minnesota.

    The articles goes on to say that what might have killed the coal plant was the Minnesota Next Generation Energy Act of 2007 which requires electric utilities to create conservation measures that will cut consumption by 1.5 percent a year and it requires them to produce 25 percent of their power from renewables by 2025.

    “With those two in combination, the reality is, you don’t need new coal plants,” said Duke Bascom, CEO of Global Green Energy, an Edina firm that invests in clean energy projects.

  3. can you believe missouri is so far ahead of kansas? :) it kills me every time I think about it. but you have to give them credit. basketball and football aside, yay missouri.

  4. Ronald says:

    This is the correct link to that article. I should have checked it.