Memorial Day


I don’t think we do a good job of remembering those who have fallen in service to this country or taking actions now that will reduce the need for such sacrifice in the future.

My father was in the 82nd airborne, but he ony turned 18 in 1944, so he didn’t finish his training and arrive in Europe until just after V-E Day. Given the high casualty rate the 82nd took in winning that war, I certainly think about those who did give their lives and how lucky I am that he avoided the fighting.

On our current emissions path, many of the wars of the future will either be resource wars or wars driven by environmental degradation and dislocation (see “Warming Will Worsen Water Wars). Indeed that may already have started to happen (see “Report: Climate Change and Environmental Degradation Trigger Darfur Crisis).

This is a good day to contemplate conflict prevention.

One Response to Memorial Day

  1. Steve says:

    Indeed. Along those lines, we might want to consider what fighting this war today is costing us in terms of money not spent fighting climate change: