Sen Enzi (R-WY): I’m a non-fear-mongering environmentalist who opposes this bill

We may need to address this issue, but not through this legislation.

This will make energy much more expensive for Americans…

I am an environmentalist, but I’m not a fear monger!

Hearings are not designed to get at the truth.

I suspect my constituents in Wyoming are not willing to pay the price of this bill.

It ignores the fact that nations like China and India do not and will not have similar programs.

What we need is a bill that recognizes if we are going to save the environment we cannot destroy the economy

People should get upset with mountaintop removal — ut that’s not how we do mining in Wyoming.

If given the right tools, American innovation consult any problem, but this bill is prescriptive.

The bill assumes technologies far ahead of where it actually is.

This bill will increase energy costs for Americans.

I can’t support a bill that does not include developing countries.

What the American people needs to know is that this bill costs money.

Cites George Will.

Visualize your electricity bill will be 50% higher the first year the bill goes into effect.

Visualize how India and China will get your jobs….

BOXER: New speaker, same talking points. Not one of the people on the other side has offered a solution to global warming. Plus, gasoline prices have more than doubled under George Bush, where were you complaining about the pain for your constituents then. Silence. This is a phoney attack.

LIEBERMAN: We have a problem. It’s called global warming. This bill address it. Also, this bill will reduce demand for oil, and thus the price of oil, NOT increase it.

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