Sen. Alexander (R-TN) says cap & trade won’t solve fuel problem

Let’s do climate change the right way.I believe climate change is a real issue. I believe humans are contributing with it and we must deal with it.

Three things wrong with the bill:

  1. Gasoline prices up $.50
  2. That gasoline price won’t actually reduce any emissions.
  3. Trillion dollar slush fund for Congress to spend on dubious projects

We need to return the money to the people.

It is too complicated and too expensive and overestimate the wisdom of Congress.

Is there a better way? Yes.

  • Put a cap & trade system on utilities — with more realistic dates based on realistic assessment of when we will get the necessary technology such as that needed to capture and store carbon from coal plants. And give the money straight back to the working people.
  • Use a low carbon standard for fuels on top of what we have already done on fuel economy standards.

I’d much rather the Congress be talking about clean energy independence. New Manhattan project for clean energy independence. We need to explore for oil offshore (so much for clean). Pursue six breakthroughs, including fusion!!

[Note: His argument is half-right — no, not the technology, technology, blah, blah stuff. If we want a substantial reductions in greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector, a GHG Price created by a cap & trade system won’t do the trick. Unfortunately, what he proposes also won’t do the trick.]

BOXER: Where was Alexander when we were trying to deal with high oil prices?

One Response to Sen. Alexander (R-TN) says cap & trade won’t solve fuel problem

  1. David B. Benson says:

    Certainly isn’t Alexander the Great. :-)