Sen. Snowe (R-ME) rises in support

This is not a Democrat issue, this is not a Republican issue, this is not a liberal issue, this is not a conservative issue.

It is a planetary issue, a moral issue.

One of the most consequential issues of this century

We cannot afford the option of inaction any longer.

Just this last week, the United States government issued report saying the climate change is affecting the nation’s ecosystem, causing water scarcity, reducing snowpack, increasing insect infestation and wildfires.

This debate is no longer a question of science. It is a question of our political will.

Anybody who is honestly committed to addressing global warming can support this. It provides companies with flexibility and certainty necessary.

It offers us an opportunity that our obligations to the futures dictates we must seize now.

I was cochair of an international panel on climate change (that the Center for American progress participated in) in 2004. We published a report in January 2005 “Meeting the climate challenge,” which said if we don’t stop total warming from industrial levels exceeded 2°C, it would have catastrophic outcomes … which corresponds to an atmospheric concentration level of 450 ppm of carbon dioxide.
We are being led by the facts. The IPCC’s key findings were agreed to unanimously by more than 130 governments.

She goes through a long litany of likely climate impacts.

Let us move beyond the question of should we act. While the states have moved out on the vanguard, the federal government has delayed because of the “red herring of scientific uncertainty.”

Needed for “making us independent of fossil fuels.”

Gives companies the certainty they need about carbon prices.

EIA: In 2030, GDP just 0.3% lower

Largest proportion of revenues this legislation would generate would go towards the deployment and development of clean energy technologies, such as solar, wind, biofuels, plug-in hybrids….

Lower fossil fuel use, means lower oil use.

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