Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) on his time in space, seeing “the thin blue film that sustains all of life”

earth.jpgWe must make a political decisions that prevent us from ever getting near the level of atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide that are a point of no return.

I have been on the Greenland ice sheet. It’s 2 miles thick. If that all melts, the seas will rise 10 to 15 feet [actually 23]. And then there’s Antarctica…. We can’t let that happen.

America is the one who has to lead.

Shows a map of Florida if sea levels rise 10 feet. [It ain’t pretty.]

Folks, senators that is where most of the population of Florida is. We have more coastline than any in the lower 48.

I want to share what I saw from the window of a spacecraft … two decades ago.

By the third day in space, you are looking back at home, at the planet … in an airless vacuum that goes on for billions and billions of light-years … it is so fragile … you see the bright blue color right at the rim, the thin blue film that sustains all of life, the atmosphere.

With the naked eye you can see how were messing it up … Brazilian deforestation.

I came away from that experience with a new feeling I needed to be a better steward.

If we continue to abuse the planet, Mother Nature will not work in syncopation and in balance

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